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More Bell Canada misinformation and misdirection in attempt to justify questionably lawful throttling

In a Network World article by Dave Webb, Bell Canada’s chief of regulatory affairs Mirko Bibic attempts to justify the throttling of the last-mile connection to independent ISPs. As is typical, Bell Canada is abusing peoples confusion between issues around the last mile natural monopoly and Net Neutrality. I increasingly believe that if people continue to confuse these two related but separate issues, Bell Canada and other incumbent phone and cable companies will win this critical debate.

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Updates: The CRTC is publishing the various letters on this issue, including the "reply" from Bell, etc.

Press release: Independent Internet Providers Take Bell to Task

An April 4 press release from CAIP includes:

April 4, 2008 - Ottawa, ON - On April 3 the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) asked the CRTC to direct Bell Canada to cease and desist with the "traffic shaping" activity that has been causing Canadian Internet users to experience slow speeds and degraded service.

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