Network Neutrality

Network Neutrality

USA: Network Neutrality is an Answer to the Wrong Problem

This TMCNet article by Fred Goldstein, Ionary Consulting includes:

But the answer isn’t to regulate the “Internet” per se: Not everything is the “Internet.” It’s to restore choice. It’s vital to guarantee that local connectivity, raw bandwidth, remains available on the wholesale market, so that consumers have a choice of ISP. If there’s a real choice of ISPs, then the free market will sort out the details. It’s the telco-cable duopoly that makes the faux-Internet such a possibility. Here and there, a wireless ISP or cable overbuilder might offer a third choice, but shy of wholesale connectivity, there’ll be no free market for information. What good is freedom of the press when a few wealthy publishers control all avenues of delivery?

US: The End of the Internet

This article by Jeffrey Chester, The Nation includes:

To ward off the prospect of virtual toll booths on the information highway, some new media companies and public-interest groups are calling for new federal policies requiring "network neutrality" on the Internet. Common Cause, Amazon, Google, Free Press, Media Access Project and Consumers Union, among others, have proposed that broadband providers would be prohibited from discriminating against all forms of digital content. For example, phone or cable companies would not be allowed to slow down competing or undesirable content.

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