Network Neutrality

Network Neutrality

What the Internet is, and what it is not.

An article on p2pnet includes a Web version of PDF submission to the FTC from Jay Sulzberger on the Internet.

Now cable TV is not the Internet, but most speakers at the FTC's workshop spoke of the Net in ways that treated it as if it were just a form of interactive TV, with some extra special services bundled with interactive TV, "web viewing", email, and doubtfully, voice over IP.

Talk at FACIL in Montreal: Protecting property rights in a digital world

I have been invited to give a talk in Montreal for FACIL. While there will be a large questions section where I suspect a large amount of technology law will be brought up, the focus will be on Protecting property rights in a digital world. Please see related links under Petition to protect Information Technology property rights.

Berners-Lee offers thoughts on Net neutrality, DRM

An IDG News Service article includes:

Timothy Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, advocated that Congress protect Net neutrality and questioned the value of digital rights management Thursday.

Net Neutrality at the Industry Committee

Michael Geist spoke about net neutrality, broadband strategies, and anti-spam legislation at the Industry Committee. Please read his introduction, and check in the future the evidence for February 26, 2007 which will eventually contain a full transcript of the discussion.

Letter to Parliamentary Industry Committee: recent "Manufacturing" report and telecom deregulation.

The following is a letter I wrote to the committee:

Subject: Disappointed in past report, confusion on deregulation conversation

Dear James Rajotte, Chair of Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology
Paul Crête, Bloc Co-chair
Hon. Dan Mcteague, Liberal Co-chair
Brian Masse, NDP Industry Critic

Copy to: James M. Latimer, Clerk of the Committee

A two-tier Internet system may keep students out of the loop

A Charlatan (Carleton University Newspaper) article by Natalie Johnson talks about Network Neutrality.

The Internet — a staple of the modern university student — may face a limited future according to some experts.

Several dozen local community members participated in a public discussion about the future of the Internet at the Ottawa Public Library Feb. 6.

The spotlight was on net neutrality, the notion that all online traffic should be treated equally.

Bernier's Troubling Stand on Net Neutrality

Michael Geist's weekly Law Bytes column (Toronto Star version, Homepage version) examines the recent news that internal Canadian government documents suggest that the Minister of Industry is skeptical about the need for legislative safeguards to ensure that all Canadians enjoy equal and unfettered access to Internet content and applications by avoiding a two-tier Internet. The article notes that the Minister appears to cite with approval major telco arguments and last week defended his position by relying on a public opinion survey commissioned by Bell Canada.

The position of Industry Canada on the Net Neutrality Debate

Last evening I attended an event Net Neutrality:A Public Discussion on the Future of the Internet in Canada, hosted at the Ottawa Public Library. Bill St-Arnaud didn't make it, but we did hear from Pippa Lawson, Ren Bucholz, Andrew Clement, Michael Geist, and some interesting "insiders" who were part of the audience.

L'heure est au libre!: Vista, Network Neutrality, and Canadian Copyright revision...

Monday Feb 5 at 11:00 EST on CKUT radio (90.3FM in Montreal, streaming on the Internet, and archives within an hour), Lila Roussel and Yannick Delbecque will be interviewing me on L'heure est au libre. We will be talking about Microsoft Vista (DRM vs computer security), Network Neutrality, and an update on copyright revision in Canada.

Net neutrality is also grassroots media issue

Phillip Smith of Community Bandwidth hilighted my comments to the recent The Tyee article on Network Neutrality. If Phillip thinks these comments are worth repeating on his own BLOG, then I should publish here. Being the great organizer Phillip is, he better organized the comments by bringing together the most relevant paragraphs from a few comments.

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