Appropriation Art

Appropriation Art

Coalition reflects the broad spectrum of Canada’s art community: artists, curators, directors, educators, writers, associations and organizations from the art sector.

The coalition focuses on 3 areas: fair access to existing works, certainty of access, opposition to anti-circumvention laws.

Copyright critics promote cause with comic book

An article by Rafael Ruffolo for Digital Arts discusses C-61 and Gordon Duggan's comic book.

Appropriation Art Press Release: Fighting Spin with Comic Book

The day prior to the release of Bill C-61 Appropriation Art released 51st State

It's Us vs U.S. in the battle for Canadian Sovereignty.

An ironic chronicle of the fight to maintain Freedom of Expression in Canada. 51st State is a clickable comic book. It links to 193 websites, blogs, films and papers and articles. For best viewing download to your hard drive and then click links.

Appropriation Art Coalition Condemns Proposed Copyright Bill C-61.

The Appropriation Art Coalition is a 600 member Coalition of Artists, Art Professionals and Art Groups concerned for the future of Canadian Culture.

Yesterday Harper's Conservatives introduced legislation that would make Canadian copyright the most repressive in the free world. This, sadly, is neither rhetoric, nor sensationalism.

51'st State: It's US vs U.S. in the battle for Canadian Sovereignty

Gordon Duggan at Appropriation Art has published a comic (PDF) about Canadian Copyright revision. It is a classic battle of good vs. evil of comic proportions where the "Evil Emissaries of American Interests try to suppress the Fantastic Freedom of Expression Fighters".

The cast of characters is somehow familiar.

Evil Emissaries (Or just misinformed?): Harper, Bush, Prentice, Henderson, McTeague, Wilkins, Feinstein / Cronyn, Schwarzenegger, Glickman, Frith, Oda

Fantastic Freedom Fighters: Angus, Doctorow, Geist, Knopf, Murray, Page, McOrmond

Appropriation Art: Actions for Artists

Appropriation Art hast posted an Actions for Artists page that lists what Artists should be doing with respect to the upcoming copyright bill.

It includes demanding that CARFAC / RAAV publicly denounce DMCA style legislation.

Video piracy statements in the house by Maka Kotto

A few people noticed the questions from Maka Kotto during Question Period. Gordon Duggan of the Appropriation Art coalition wrote the following letter, and received a "familiar" response.

Dear Mr Kotto

It is with great disappointment that I learned of your reckless comments in the house yesterday. Your position appears to be based on statistics from a campaign by the American film industry to support their own interests. These statistics are highly questionable and are akin to using tobacco industry statistics on cancer.

Censorship on the CBC

The CBC is taking the opportunity this week to do a massive focus on the issue of censorship around the world. No less then 17 of CBC Radio's regular programs are making one or more significant contributions to the project. I looked through the entire line up which certainly looks extensive. It includes issues of censorship in music, film, journalism and more from all around the world. It is extensive, but it also has one glaring hole which unfortunately, I was not at all surprised to see. That is, the issue of copyright as a form of censorship, and as can be seen from the CBC's line up, it is an issue that often flies below the radar of most people and the mainstream media.

Liberal vice-chair of Industry Committee lobbies for CRIA/CAAST position in Copyright revision

The Hill Times this week has two Copyright related articles. One is from Gordon Duggan who is co-founder of the Appropriation Art Coalition who talks about the appearance that the Minister of Canadian Heritage is not listening to all sides of the debate (p29). The Liberal vice-chair of the Standing Committee of Industry, Science and Technology, Dan McTeague (Pickering - Scarborough East), signs an article that reads as if it was authored by CRIA or CAAST (p31).

Copyright related communications from Heritage Minister and Chair of Industry Committee

Attached is a letter sent to the 3 named MPs. The staff from the offices of Mr. Rajotte, Mr McGuinty's and the Minister of Canadian Heritage have acknowledge receipt.

(Note to staff receiving this message. Please indicate receipt. Thank you.)

Dear James Rajotte, M.P., Chair of Industry-Science-Technology committee,
Ms. Bev Oda, P.C., M.P., Minister of Heritage,
Mr. David J. McGuinty, M.P. for Ottawa South

I received reply letters from both Mr. Rajotte dated September 27 and, through Mr. McGuinty's office, a letter from Ms. Oda. dated July 7.

Slyck: Copyright Face Off in Canada

I wrote the following in reply to an article on Slyck by Drew Wilson, and the disagreements between CARFAC and Appropriation Art.

Just a quick note about CopyCamp which is a forum that will be held in Toronto at the end of September that hopes to bring these camps together.

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