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Canadian open source community upset over proposed copyright law

An article by Ian Palmer for discusses the impact of Bill C-61 on the Free/Libre and Open Source Software sector. It includes quotes from Sean Hurley (Tillsonburg, Ontario-based Open Computing), Ken Clark (intellectual property lawyer), and myself (CSIA member, CLUE policy coordinator, FLOSS developer).

Ken Clark spoke as a lawyer, and not as someone with any technical background. He suggested that "DRM might provide a way to prevent rampant copying", which anyone with a technical background would realize is not the case.

Open source group: copyright bill will hurt innovators

For immediate release: Ottawa, June 16, 2008

Open source group: copyright bill will hurt innovators
Canadian Software Innovation Alliance comes out against Bill C-61

The Canadian Software Innovation Alliance (CSIA), a coalition of Canadian open source businesses and supporters, worries that Bill C-61, 'An Act to Amend the Copyright Act,' introduced by the Conservative government on June 12, threatens the open source business model.

Red Hat founder speaks against Canada's copyright reform

An article by Rafael Ruffolo of ComputerWorld Canada includes an interview of RedHat founder (and Hamilton hometown hero) Bob Young.

"The copyright philosophy behind the U.S. DMCA is that it's illegal to do what software engineers do every day of the week and what they'll have to continue to do in order to build better technology for all companies," Bob Young, spokesperson for the Canadian Software Innovation Alliance (CSIA) and a former founder and CEO at Red Hat Inc., said.

Open Source Group Weighs in on Copyright

For Immediate Release

Canadian Software Innovation Alliance highlights need for careful copyright reform

Ottawa, June 3, 2008

A new coalition of Canadian software businesses and supporters is concerned about how reforms to Canadian copyright laws might affect the open source business model. The Canadian Software Innovation Alliance (CSIA) represents over 20 businesses that specialize in open source software. In response to rumors of a new copyright bill set to hit the House of Commons before the summer recess, the CSIA today announced the public release of their White Paper. The CSIA has provided the White Paper to Industry Minister Jim Prentice and Heritage Minister Josée Verner in an open letter jointly addressed to the two Ministers.

CSIA (Canadian Software Innovation Alliance), CLUE, Bob Young and I

I want to clarify the roll I play in CLUE: The Canadian Association for Open Source, and my involvement with the Canadian Software Innovation Alliance. This article is my strong endorsement of CSIA, and my suggestion that all Free/Libre and Open Source Software companies and professionals join CSIA. I also want to promote the CSIA White Paper just released.

The Canadian Software Innovation Alliance is now live

The following message was received from Damien Fox who has been helping to coordinate this alliance.

Dear CSIA members,

CSIA is live!

The Canadian Software Innovation Alliance is now live and finally has a web site! Our new temporary home is at, or directly at Many thanks to the people at CLUE, the organization formerly known as the Canadian Linux Users Exchange, for their hard work putting together a completely open source content management system, and letting the CSIA borrow a slice. Also many thanks to the Canadian open source business community, who have almost all stepped up and signed on to be members of the CSIA. Together, we are going to make sure our elected politicians understand that open source software and the open source industry are important to the Canadian economy and help make sure our information infrastructure is reliable, secure, and competitive.

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