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PWAC Urges Freelancers to Support American Writers' Strike

The following press release is from PWAC. My impression of the strike has been very different, suggesting that writers are trying to treat new media as if it was the same as old media (effectively disallowing programming on new media). I am wondering what other people think.

Is this a case where creators are wanting to receive their legitimate rewards and are being denied it by old-media intermediaries, or is this an extension of the "Internet on Cable --> Internet as Cable" debate?

PWAC calls, again, for respect for Copyright in contacts

The following is a PWAC press release:

The Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) is advising all Canadian freelance writers to resist recent contract changes involving uncompensated rights demands and undue pressure to sign before publication.

Freelance Work and Organized Labour : PWAC Presents

At the 2007 PWAC National Conference & AGM in Vancouver, PWAC presented the esteemed Dr. Vincent Mosco, Canada Research Chair in Communications and Society as one of our luncheon speakers. Dr. Mosco spoke to the gathered writers about how freelance work and organized labour have begun to come together in North America. (to audio on

Is a little first-novel recognition too much to ask?

John Degen discusses in a THIS Magazine article the plight of the first-author getting any exposure. While the Canadian author community has been known to claim that "people in Canada die from exposure" during copyright debates, I suspect that our community who are generally not fans of the star system or other content industry concentration would have our own advise.

PWAC Very Pleased with Pro-Writer Decision in Ontario Court


PWAC Very Pleased with Pro-Writer Decision in Ontario Court

The subpoenas demanding access to the confidential research materials of writer Derek Finkle were thrown out of a Toronto courtroom yesterday afternoon, as the judge in the Robert Baltovich trial delivered a strong decision protecting writers' rights.

Very Little for Independent Cultural Workers in Federal Budget

When I watched the budget speech I was thinking that it was frustrating that the incumbent manufacturing sector was receiving various tax incentives, rather than pushing those incentives towards independent knowledge workers which will increasingly be where job growth is seen as we progress out of the industrial economy.

While not worded that way (they focused only on cultural workers, with some of their members using industrial production methods), PWAC noticed this type of problem as well in their press release.

PWAC's Application for Intervention Accepted into Baltovich Trial

For Immediate Release: February 19, 2007:

PWAC's Application for Intervention Accepted into Baltovich Trial

An affidavit signed by PWAC was this morning accepted as an intervention in the ongoing Robert Baltovich trial in Ontario.

PWAC has joined with the Canadian Association of Journalists, Canadian Journalists for Freedom of Expression, The Writers' Union of Canada and PEN Canada in support of an application to quash a subpoena issued to Toronto writer and editor Derek Finkle.

PWAC Intervening on Behalf of Writer Derek Finkle

For Immediate Release: February 7, 2007
PWAC Intervening on Behalf of Writer Derek Finkle

The Professional Writers Association of Canada has joined with Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE), the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ), PEN Canada and The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC) as official interveners in the Robert Baltovich trial now being heard in a Toronto courtroom.

Free Press alert: PWAC Objects to Court Pressure on Writer

The Professional Writers Association of Canada joins with Canada’s other free press advocates in supporting Toronto writer and editor Derek Finkle in his fight to maintain journalistic integrity in the face of extreme pressure from the courts.

As an independent author who supports a free press that is separate from the government, I wish to offer my support for journalists on this issue.

Download for our troops! (?)

As always, John Degen has some interesting things to say. He has posted some thoughts in his blog on This magazine based on some comments that Cory Doctorow made on his BLOG.

I offered the following as my own comments.

It is interesting, but there will be a few people talking about the economics of creativity at the upcoming CopyCamp. I just looked at the session list on the WIKI and notice that there is not only my "Making sense of a full spectrum of business models for works of the mind", but there is also Chris Moore and his question, "Can someone explain the economics of Copyright to me?".

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