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CMCC Members Clean Up at Much Music Video Awards

CMCC Members Clean Up at Much Music Video Awards: Sam Roberts, Avril Lavigne and Billy Talent further proof that musicians can succeed without supporting lawsuits

For Immediate Release: Montreal, June 21, 2007

More than one third of the Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs) handed out in Toronto June 17th went to members of the Canadian Music Creators Coalition.

Barenaked Ladies: If I had a compulsory blanket music license

An Ars Technica article by Nate Anderson talks about the most widely supported alternatives to lawsuits and DRM. Unlike lawsuits which just upsets the customer base (you can't sue someone into being your customer), and DRM which infringes the basic property rights of technology owners and breaks interoperability, compulsory licensing would vastly increase the revenues being returned to artists.

Piracy didn’t kill the major label business model, choice did.

A BLOG article by Bob Lefsetz documents what most of us recognize, but policy makers seem to largely be unaware of.

At some point in the future, earlier rather than later if the majors capitulate and agree to live in the present as opposed to the 1990s, music acquisition on the Net will be monetized. A great deal of revenue will be generated, but it will be distributed amongst a plethora of providers/acts.
But the point is you no longer need the major label as a bank, as a marketer, you don’t need that much money and your fans do so much of the work for you. How do the majors compete in this new landscape? Good question.

Music is barenaked -- of DRM

A Globe and Mail BLOG article by Mathew Ingram includes:

The Barenaked Ladies may be known for their whimsical pop songs, but the group is dead serious about the evils of "digital rights management" -- the copy-protection standard used by Microsoft, iTunes and other online music stores to control their content. Not only has singer Steven Page spoken out on the issue, but the band was also one of the founding members of the Canadian Music Creators' Coalition (CMCC), a group that is trying to counter the lobbying by large foreign record companies when it comes to copyright legislation.

Canadian Music Week Begins Wednesday!

An article by Adam Gonshor in andPOP describes what sounds like an awsome event (March 7-10, 2007 in Toronto). Not only will you see great musicians, but you might even see some fireworks at an event that includes Nettwerk head Terry McBride and many CMCC musicians as well as Graham Henderson representing the foreign major label interests. The two sides of the music industry: those that want to monetize new media and non-commercial filesharing, as well as protect IT property rights, and those special interest extremists who want to outlaw the personal ownership and control of technology and sue music fans.

Charlie Angus at the University of Ottawa

I was privileged to be invited by the University of Ottawa Technology Law program to the most recent Torys Speaker Series talk by Member of Parliament Charlie Angus. Mr. Angus is an independent musician and the Heritage critic for the NDP.

As anticipated, the talk was inspiring, and I only managed to write a few things down for notes. I noticed that a recording was made by the TechLaw folks, and this might be added to one of their Audio Blogs in the future.

Music execs criticise DRM systems

A BBC News article includes:

Almost two-thirds of music industry executives think removing digital locks from downloadable music would make more people buy the tracks, finds a survey.

The Jupiter Research study looked at attitudes to Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems in Europe music firms.

I suspect that if the same survey was done in Canada that similar results would be found, possibly with more from the Canadian music industry being opposed to harm to their industry caused by DRM.

CMCC Congratulates its Juno Nominees

6 CMCC Artists combine for 14 Nominations
Montreal, February 14, 2007

The Canadian Music Creators Coalition (CMCC) is a group of nearly 200 Canadian acts who aim to voice musicians' perspectives about the laws and policies that affect our livelihoods. We would like to congratulate our member artists for their 2007 Juno nominations.

Slyck: CMCC views clash with CRIA views on Copyright

Drew Wilson of Slyck offers a good summary of "where we are now" with Copyright revision. While a copyright bill being tabled by the Conservatives in the near future is unlikely, it would have been interesting to read it to see if the Conservatives have noticed the growing number of actual creator groups (rather than industry associations representing intermediary business executives) have come out against anti-circumvention laws.

Canadian Music Creators Coalition has updated website.

The CMCC has a new WordPress based website, with new articles including their press release and the Bare Naked Ladies recent interview on The Hour. Michael Geist suggests this is interesting timing as, on the same day, Sony settled yet another legal proceeding against it over the rootkit fiasco.

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