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Independent music, including unsigned musicians, musicians with independent labels, and those independent labels.

Organizations: Canadian Independent Recording Artists' Association (CIRAA), Canada music commons, Musical Artists' Global Independence Collaborative - MAGIC, Canadian Independent Record Production Association (Note: CIRPA does not appear very modern in their thinking)

SOCAN and music download rates.

There were quite a few articles on Friday talking about how Canada's Copyright Board Sets Royalty Rate for what composers will get from music downloads. This is yet another issue where you need to understand the music industry as 3 separate components, that disagree with each other even more than they do with outsiders.

Music Industry Needs A Dose of Innovation, Not Intervention

Michael Geist's latest Law Bytes column suggests that Music Industry Needs A Dose of Innovation, Not Intervention. I believe he sidestepped one of the most important dynamics, which is the growing separation of the majority of players that make up the music industry from the recording industry that historically dominated it.

Amazon Kicks Off DRM-Less Music Store

See a Reuters Article and a press release about a new DRM-free music download site in beta from Amazon.

Amazon MP3 has over 2 million songs from more than 180,000 artists represented by over 20,000 major and independent labels. Amazon MP3 complements's existing selection of over 1 million CDs to now offer customers more selection of physical and digital music than any other retailer.

What will it take to create the middle-class musician?

An interview by Candace Lombardi (Staff Writer, CNET with Pandora founder Tim Westergren discusses something I believe needs to be discussed a lot more. Musicians are really stuck in an all-or-nothing situation where the "Star system" makes a tiny few artists filthy-rich while the vast majority of musicians are stuck as part of the working poor. It is a matter of feast or famine, with the star system designed such that the majority are famine. While I believe dismantling the star system (and the major labels) is a necessary part of the solution, Mr. Westergren goes into far more detail about what else is needed.

Vancouver Sun & Nettwerk Offer Free Music Downloads

Michael Geist BLOGS about a free ($0 and not DRM infected) download of music from Nettwerk artists including Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies and many others! There is an article and a video (Also on YouTube) explaining why they are doing this: because they want to make clearly legal something you are already doing, and their respective industries need to come to grips with and monetize rather than try to stop.

Business models

Interesting reading this morning.

On the one hand, a Vancouver Sun article with some fascinating quotes from Graham Henderson (president of the CRIA), and on the other, a Locus Online article by Cory Doctorow about the economics of giving stuff away for free.

CD Baby offers DRM-free digital downloads: artist keeps 91% of revenue!

A CNET BLOG article by Matt Rosoff discusses CD Baby launched MP3 downloads. This is DRM-free (so it doesn't infect your computer and/or demand that your computer be locked down against your interests), and the artist keeps 91% of the sale price.

eMusic Tell-a-Friend - I can get free downloads if you sign up from an invitation from me.

I'm a subscriber to eMusic as my source of DRM-free music from independant labels. I don't want music infected by DRM, and I prefer to support musicians who aren't financially supporting the major labels who seem intent on legalizing worldwide their infringement of our property and other rights.

Labels "taking" (I won't say stealing) money from musicians yet again.

An article by Greg Sandoval for CNet talks about one of the many problems in the music industry caused by the old-economy labels.

Frequent readers of my BLOG will notice a pattern, with this issue being a variation of the Royalty vs. license issue I wrote about earlier.

Royalty vs. license

An article by Greg Sandoval, Staff Writer, CNET talks about the mixed-bag of issues that the music industry is dealing with. There are some aspects I agree with, and others that I do not (such as blaming music fans in any way).

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