Whether free culture allowing all citizens to fully participate, or centrally owned/communicated/controlled culture, at the root of much of the debates are very different ideas on cultural policy.

Angus calls on Canadians to get involved in Democratic Media Campaign

From and a press release from Charlie Angus.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) - the body that regulates broadcast and telecommunications systems - is holding a hearing in Gatineau this coming September on how to ensure a diversity of voices in our media. The deadline for submissions is July 18, 2007.

Will government protection for the revoking of citizen control over the means of creation and distribution of digital media (AKA: DRM) be adequately discussed?

Death By Copyright .ca

I've posted my first batch of DVDs to MPs and other interested parties. The DVD is also available on line at It is a catalogue of art, culture and political expression which has been suppressed with the help of our already overly oppressive Intellectual Monopoly laws.

Sadly, I've removed a few items from the online version which I felt might get me into trouble with the copyright police.

Nine Propositions Towards a Cultural Theory of YouTube

Henry Jenkins, the Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program, has an interesting BLOG post that may focus on YouTube, but is really about the power of so-called "user generated content". Given the wide variety of quality of the content I'm not sure if "user generated" does justice, given you get everything from pure amateurs to professionals who happen to be working outside the confines of established media companies. The importance of independent creativity is still there, and it is important for politicians to be aware of this so that they don't throw the baby out with the bathwater when fiddling with cultural policy and technology law.

Embarrassing private members bill to license Internet Service Providers tabled again.

I was watching CPAC yesterday when Conservative MP Joy Smith (Conservative, Kildonan--St. Paul) tabled a private members bill C-427. This is the same type of bill that has been tabled many times by various MPs of various parties. Chris Axworthy (NDP, Saskatoon--Clark's Crossing) tabled Bill C-396 in 1997 and Peter Stoffer (NDP, Sackville - Eastern Shore) introduced Bill C-234 in 2002, Bill C-254 in 2004 and Bill C-214 in 2006

U of T's contribution to the Internet Archive project

A Toronto Star article by Peter Calamai includes:

In a darkened and anonymous corner of the 7th floor of the University of Toronto's main library, the books of the future are being created 14 hours a day.

In less than three years, an unsung operation here has churned out about 44,000 books now available free everywhere the Internet reaches.

Big media videos play small role on YouTube, study finds

A Reuters article (republished by the Globe and Mail) discusses a study that confirms what many of us have been suggesting for a while: that non-infringing video content that is peer produced, user generated, or otherwise authorized by the copyright holders to be published account for the vast majority of videos on sites like YouTube.

Parliamentary Press Gallery shuts down blogger?

An interesting article by blogger Stephen Taylor (Who calls himself a "Conservative Party of Canada Pundit") about a recent event on parliament hill where the legacy media outlets seem to have abused security to have this blogger removed.

If security on the Hill is the responsibility of the Speaker, and if I have been granted access to most non-privileged areas of the Hill by the Speaker, what authority does an official of the PPG have in calling in the guard to have me removed from perhaps the most public area of the Hill?

I'm a Green, Hedy Fry is Blue, Nickie is a Space Cadet, lets hang out in the Tiki Bar

(Also carried by p2pnet)
There have been a number of ideas that have been bumping around my head the past few weeks that need to be pushed out onto this BLOG after listening to This Week in Tech Episode #92. The episode was about user generated content, which included the Vancouver based hosts of the Tiki Bar. What they were talking about reminded me of my recent meeting with the Honourable Hedy Fry, the Member of Parliament for Vancouver Center.

Why the commercial ebook market is broken

Author Charles Stross has posted an article describing the reasons why the eBook market is a failure. And if you thought as a full-time author he was going to write about the "evils" of copyright infringement, you would be entirely wrong.

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