Whether free culture allowing all citizens to fully participate, or centrally owned/communicated/controlled culture, at the root of much of the debates are very different ideas on cultural policy.

Trailer for documentary: alternative freedom

A trailer for the coming-soon documentary "alternative freedom" has been posted to OurMedia. The documentary already has its own BLOG.

I suspect this will be an important documentary to explaining what the current cultural battles are really about, rather than unimportant side-show of so-called "piracy".

Wired: The Beeb Shall Inherit the Earth

This Wired article by Cory Doctorow includes:

America's entertainment industry is committing slow, spectacular suicide, while one of Europe's biggest broadcasters -- the BBC -- is rushing headlong to the future, embracing innovation rather than fighting it.

Unlike Hollywood, the BBC is eager and willing to work with a burgeoning group of content providers whose interests are aligned with its own: its audience.

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