Reports from or about the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) and other regional lobbyists for the legacy methods of creation, distribution and funding of music they represent.

51'st State: It's US vs U.S. in the battle for Canadian Sovereignty

Gordon Duggan at Appropriation Art has published a comic (PDF) about Canadian Copyright revision. It is a classic battle of good vs. evil of comic proportions where the "Evil Emissaries of American Interests try to suppress the Fantastic Freedom of Expression Fighters".

The cast of characters is somehow familiar.

Evil Emissaries (Or just misinformed?): Harper, Bush, Prentice, Henderson, McTeague, Wilkins, Feinstein / Cronyn, Schwarzenegger, Glickman, Frith, Oda

Fantastic Freedom Fighters: Angus, Doctorow, Geist, Knopf, Murray, Page, McOrmond

RCMP helps mis-named Anti-Counterfeiting Network in propaganda campaign

Please see the Government of Canada press release: A Cross-Canada Educational Initiative to Raise Awareness and Combat Product Counterfeiting and Copyright Piracy.

The Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network (CACN) is a lobby group with an extremely biased special interest opinion on this area of policy. The entertainment lobby (entertainment software, movies, music) are carrying out a misinformation campaign trying to equate non-profit illegal knowledge sharing by citizens, commercial copyright infringement (piracy) and counterfeiting -- policy areas that are quite distinct, and cannot be rationally merged. Given this, they will be incapable of carrying out an educational roll, as necessary as we all agree this education is.

Music Is (A)live - But Music Industry Looks For Future

Reporting from CANNES for Intellectual Property Watch, Monika Ermert discussed future direction for music from the world’s largest music fair, Midem.

“Music Industry 1.0 is dead,” said Ted Cohen, former vice president at EMI and now a partner at consulting agency TAG Strategic. “Any label that thinks it is about business as usual is ridiculous.” Cohen was outspoken about the need for a change at the pre-Midem MidemNet Forum that deals very much with technology.

Copyright lobby to IT sector: It’s all your fault! In some cases it is.

In todays contribution to IT World Canada's BLOG I discuss that while copyright holders already have the legal tools to sue people in Canada infringing copyright, statements made this week by a relatively large number of organizations from the Copyright lobby have named their real target: the IT sector. They are lobbying to make changes to Canadian law to make the providers of IT products and services more liable for the activities of their customers.

An interview with the misguided RIAA

Don Reisinger of CNet's The Digital Home offers a transcript of an interview with Cara Duckworth, spokeswoman for the RIAA.

Warner Music Group Loses DRM? Doesn't matter to me until the lobbying stops!

A Mobile Media article states that "Warner Music Group now joins EMI and Universal Music in offering higher-quality tracks without copy protection, leaving Sony BMG Music Entertainment as the only major label refusing to drop DRM."

RIAA/CRIA/etc argues personal copies of music ripped from CD to computer are unauthorized

According to the Recording Industry vs The People BLOG, the RIAA (The same 4 major labels that form CRIA) are now alleging in a court case that ripping music from a CD to play on your computer or portable device is "unauthorized". This makes clear the need to modernize our copyright act to ensure that device shifting is a part of Fair Dealings/Fair Use, and doesn't need to be authorized by a copyright holder.

Warner, Sony Feel Pressure to Remove DRM from Music

A Reuters/Billboard article includes:

Warner Music Group (WMG) and Sony BMG Music Entertainment are feeling increased pressure to follow EMI and Universal Music Group's lead in distributing music in the MP3 format, which forgoes restrictive digital rights management technology.

Given the recording industry is finally recognizing the harm that "DRM" causes to their own industry (as well as most others), why are "their" lobbiests like Henderson of CRIA still lobbying the Canadian government to legally protect this harmful abuse of technology?

Exclaim! The Year in Music Business

An article by Allison Outhit for Exclaim! gives a year in review of the music business. It highlights the changes in the music business, including the shifting royalty payment pie between composers/publishers, performers and labels. It also discusses the ongoing move away from DRM as a method to increase sales.

Articles and letters in Hill Times on Copyright.

The Hill Times had a letter to the editor and 2 articles on copyright in this week's hill times. Howard Knopf is the author of one and he has published it and a comment on the second article on his BLOG. There was a group of 12 incumbent copyright industry lobbiests who published their article on the CRIA website.

I wrote my own letter to the editor which may appear in next weeks issue which, among other things, refutes the IDC studies -- first the study that under-estimates the use of FLOSS, as well as the derivative study over-estimates the amount of software copyright infringement (The BSA commissioned study the Dire Dozen reference).

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