policy makers given books

Policy makers who were given a copy of "free culture", Yochai Benkler's book The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom, or who are otherwise known to have read one or both of them.

What if I was the Bill C-32 lead from the Official Opposition Liberals?

On Thursday I met for a half hour with Pablo Rodriguez, MP for the Quebec riding of Honoré-Mercier, and the Heritage critic for the Liberal party. Copyright is joint between Heritage and Industry, so this is a key MP when it comes to the future of Copyright bill C-32. (See also: List of MPs I have met)

I came with some of my regular material:

Read full article and my proposal via IT World Canada's BLOG >>

Meeting with Justin Trudeau, MP for Papineau

I met with Justin Trudeau at his office at 625 Faillon Street in Montréal, Québec, from approximately 15:00 to 16:00 on Monday July 19'th. My wife attended as she was interested to meet Mr. Trudeau. The conversation was primarily about Copyright, and when it was nearing 16:00 it was Rina and not one of Mr. Trudeau's staffers that had to remind us that the office was closing when it seemed we might head off into other topics (Census, patenting of life, ....).

Meeting with Dr. Colin Carrie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry

I met this morning with Dr. Colin Carrie (Oshawa), Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry. We had a conversation for a little over a half hour, and then he was scheduled to be preparing for question period. He was very interested in what was being discussed, and said that he wanted to meet with me again in the future.

Met Judy Wasylycia-Leis (MP for Winnipeg North) at OpenCity 2005

I met Judy Wasylycia-Leis (Winnipeg North) on Wednesday, August 17. This was the launch evening of OpenCity 2005, and I was one of two speakers (then a Jazz Band) at the Town Hall on the Future of Copyright.

Early in the evening I gave my presentation Policy Laundering + Petition for Users' Rights! where I spoke of the true origins of Bill C-60 and one citizen-based response to it.

Later in the evening I met with Ms. Wasylycia-Leis for a short time and chatted (the jazz music was loud so it wasn't long). I gave her a copy of Lessig

Meeting with Bev Oda (Conserative Heritage critic) on Friday March 12

I met with Bev Oda on Friday March 12, 2005. I posted some notes to the forum.

I also brought some things to give to her.

Copy of "free culture" given to Reg Alcock, President of the Treasury Board

This afternoon I dropped off a copy of "free culture" by Lawrence Lessig with Jeff Legault (Special Assistant - West & North, Office of the President of the Treasury Board). He will then be able to give this to Reg Alcock when he is next at the Ottawa Office.

Copy of "free culture" given to Ottawa South MP David McGuinty

I have sent out a number of messages offering to give MPs a copy of "free culture" by US law professor Lawrence Lessig. This morning I received a return phone call from Claire of David McGuinty's office who mentioned that the campaign office is being used and is open while what will be the new constituency office is being renovated (the office that was previously used by Hon. John Manley). I walked over and dropped off a copy of "free culture", as well as a printout of an article from Canadian New Media talking about how Newly-named Parliamentary secretary to the minister of Canadian Heritage Sarmite Bulte is wanting to fast-track WIPO ratifying legislation.

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