World Issues / Global politics

World Issues not limited to PCT that may have an indirect connection.

Is it possible to have an election on the Environment?

This is discussion of a topic that is extremely important to me, but only indirectly related to PCT. Two different events may align themselves to cause an election on what is essentially an environmental issue. While most people realize that we are sustained by the environment, and that the economy is there to serve us (and not the other way around). While I understand people being fearful of change, too many political issues have backward priorities and suggest that protecting an outdated economy from change is more important than the fatal environmental changes that are underway if we stay the course.

Dear Condi, by Lloyd Axworthy

This letter in the Winnipeg Free Press from Lloyd Axworthy, the president of the University of Winnipeg and a former Canadian foreign minister, reminds us all that we do think differently than our neighbors.

See also: copy in Straight Goods

The Canadian response to issues such as the 1996 WIPO treaties need to be as uniquely Canadian as those of other issues where the USA has a position in opposition to the interests of much of the worlds population.

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