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Cory Doctorow: See no evil?

Cory Doctorow writes in a Guardian Unlimited blog about the inevitability of seeing "bad speech" with the necessity of protecting "free speech" in a democratic society.

There's an inverse correlation between the regulation of speech and the freedom of a society. Trying to filter the internet is ridiculous and dangerous.

Nine Propositions Towards a Cultural Theory of YouTube

Henry Jenkins, the Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program, has an interesting BLOG post that may focus on YouTube, but is really about the power of so-called "user generated content". Given the wide variety of quality of the content I'm not sure if "user generated" does justice, given you get everything from pure amateurs to professionals who happen to be working outside the confines of established media companies. The importance of independent creativity is still there, and it is important for politicians to be aware of this so that they don't throw the baby out with the bathwater when fiddling with cultural policy and technology law.

CBC: The Great Canadian Wish List

The CBC has set up an area on FaceBook for people to tell them their wishes for Canada Day. As a way to promote our cause I have created a Wish that The Government would protect our right to control communications technology. If many people support this wish we might get some extra publicity for what we are doing. Please pass a note around your Facebook friends to increase the number of people who support this wish.

Outdated licensing models provide incentives for infringement.

I was reading a Globe and Mail article talking about the Canadian use of MySpace and saw an all too familiar note.

None of that new content, however, will reach Canadians online because licensing rights only cover U.S. audiences. Negotiating rights for a global audience remains an obstacle for MySpace, which could see international sites dealing in a second tier of content.

Millions of Members Launch to the Top of the Web 2.0 Awards

A press release discusses how Lulu won the top spot in the "books" category of 2007 Web 2.0 Awards.

Other press releases and articles can be viewed via Lulu's press center.

Geist: Facing Up To Facebook Fears

Michael Geist's weekly Law Bytes column (Toronto Star, homepage) examines last week's decision by the Ontario government to block access to Facebook for government employees. He argues that the attempts to block Facebook or punish users for stating their opinions fails to appreciate that social network sites are simply the Internet generation’s equivalent of the town hall and that attempts to block such activity are not only bound to fail, but they ultimately cut off decision makers, school officials, and community leaders from their communities.

The P2P mistake at Ohio University

BitTorrent President Ashwin Navin says in a CNet opinion piece that a blanket ban on peer-to-peer tech could drive Ohio University students to transfer elsewhere.

See also: p2pnet

P2P key to future Internet

Bill St.Arnaud of CANARIE has posted another letter into his mailing list detailing the importance of moving away from thinking of the Internet as a traditional telecommunications medium, and away from the services offered by traditional suppliers (phone or cable companies).

Bloggers under attack?

Two messages came to me today. I doubt they are linked, but who knows. One pointing to the fact that p2pnet has been named in an additional online libel case (This time for --gasp-- daring to link to a website that had allegedly defamatory material on it), and one pointing to the site that Kevin McArthur took down due to "increasing legal concerns resulting from our public participation in the Net Neutrality debate".

Embarrassing private members bill to license Internet Service Providers tabled again.

I was watching CPAC yesterday when Conservative MP Joy Smith (Conservative, Kildonan--St. Paul) tabled a private members bill C-427. This is the same type of bill that has been tabled many times by various MPs of various parties. Chris Axworthy (NDP, Saskatoon--Clark's Crossing) tabled Bill C-396 in 1997 and Peter Stoffer (NDP, Sackville - Eastern Shore) introduced Bill C-234 in 2002, Bill C-254 in 2004 and Bill C-214 in 2006

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