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Sticking it to l'homme: Canadian co-op forms own ISP

An Ars Technica article by Nate Anderson discusses Wireless Nomad (With wireless access points in Toronto, Ottawa, and Kitchener/Waterloo).

Free data sharing is here to stay

Cory Doctorow's latest Guardian article says some things that us new-economy citizens have known for years, but that most politicians haven't yet caught up with.

The information economy is here - but governments and business are still obsessed with 'protecting' information, rather than making it more productive.
Just as the industrial economy wasn't based on making it harder to get access to machines, the information economy won't be based on making it harder to get access to information. Indeed, the opposite seems to be true: the more IT we have, the easier it is to access any given piece of information — for better or for worse.

Why takedown mechanisms will always make some authors unhappy

I originally posted this as a comment on Russell's SFWA/DMCA posting, but it grew to the point where it deserves to be an entry in it's own right.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America DMCA takedown issue has been very interesting. I found very useful commentary on Cory Doctorow's blog and on Jerry Pournelle's website.

OECD Public Consultation

The OECD has launched a public consultation for the Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy.

There's a preparatory meeting in Ottawa 3rd October, with various options for online participation, and there's an online questionnaire asking for comments in 4 areas :
* Using the Internet to improve future economic performance and social welfare
* Benefiting from convergence
* Fuelling [sic] creativity
* Building confidence

Dalhousie gets Facebook animal research site yanked

An interesting article by Charles Mandel for CanWest News Service talks about a facebook group being yanked. At first glance you might think I would be opposed to such a thing, but in this case the institution simply wanted a "right of reply" to correct misinformation. To me free speech is both a right and a responsibility.

Charles Crosby, a spokesman for the school, said the school hasn’t used any dogs in its research for well over a decade.
Crosby said so long as debate occurred around the subject, the school didn’t have a problem, but once discussion was discontinued, the school took action.

Wikipedia entry for Digital Copyright Canada?

When I was browsing Wikipedia I found an article on MP3 Newswire that referenced Digital Copyright Canada so thought I would create a Wikipedia article for our group. I wasn't even finished editing the page before it was slated to be deleted. I'm pretty much giving up on Wikipedia as it seems to have become as controlled as traditional encyclopedia as far as contributions are concerned. Contributing to a peer production project shouldn't be this painful.

A letter to the National Post regarding internet anonymity

A BLOG entry by Mark Francis includes a letter to the editor in reply to a recent National Post article regarding internet anonymity that referenced the Wayne Crookes cases.

With repressive laws like these still ‘on the books’, it is no wonder why so many people choose to be anonymous online. The answer is not to crack down on anonymity, but to take libel law out of the hands of long dead aristocrats and robber barons and back into the hands of the people these laws should be serving: You and I.

Google's battle for wireless spectrum

Marguerite Reardon, Staff Writer, CNET interviews Chris Sacca, head of special initiatives at Google, about the US wireless auction.

An Online disconnect from the real world?

I'm no Andrew Keen, and I strongly believe that we average citizens define what culture is, not professionals, so his controversial book is moot. That said, a few surveys recently have caused me to question the wisdom of some Internet crowds. First it was Facebook which had CBC's Great Canadian Wish list which had "Abolish Abortion in Canada" and "Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage" as two of the top-5 wishes.

CBC walks themselves into the Abortion debate: Is this really 2007?

As one of the first applications on Facebook when they opened up the API to other developers, CBC set up a Great Canadian Wish List. The idea was simple: facebook users would create "Wishes" which people would then vote for with their support. They said they would compile the top ones for Canada day, and have already started publishing editorials on these topics.

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