Getting Open Source Logic INto Government (GOSLING)

Australian Government guide to Open Source

The Guide to Open Source Software for Australian Government Agencies seeks to assist agencies by providing practical information and approaches for agencies to consider when assessing open source solutions. Risk management procedures and the different contractual considerations that can apply to open source software issues are addressed in the Guide, as are cost of ownership issues. Understanding cost of ownership issues for open source software is important because, under an open source model, costs are incurred at different phases of the implementation and operation of an information technology system.

FLOSS study by Defense Research and Development Canada

Joseph Potvin wrote:

Please visit the Open Source Software Website of Treasury Board Secretariat's "Chief Information Officer Branch". They have posted a bilingual study "Free and Open Source Software" by Defense Research and Development Canada (a branch of Dept of National Defense) and they have also added a link to the Government of Québec (GoQ) open source website.

PWGSC and the Collaborative Software Engineering (CoSE) Worksite

The following is a local copy of an email sent by Joseph (José) Potvin of GOSLING/GOOSE about the Collaborative Software Engineering (CoSE) Worksite.

Infoworld: U.K. government report cites merits of open source

This Infoworld article by Scarlet Pruitt includes:

"Coming from the influential OGC, this is undoubtedly a boost for open source software in the U.K., where until recently interest has lagged that in many other European countries," Ovum Ltd. analyst Eric Woods wrote in an assessment of the report.

Report at Open Source Software Trials in Government: Final report

Open Source Pavilion at GTEC Week in Ottawa

From Joseph Potvin, IT Services Branch, Public Works and Government Services Canada

Following is the list of speakers within the "Open Source Pavilion" on the exhibition floor at next week in Ottawa, 19-20 Oct. Background on the theme is available here:

We will be publishing the content of this series of speakers on the internet as a "Compedium on Open Source Security Strategy" -- hopefully, the compendium will grow.

The business of sharing - accounting for open source

The October 2004 issue of CMA Management contains this article by Joseph Potvin.

The benefits of free, open source software are great, and managed well can add great value to a business. Existing accounting best practices offer guidance on how best to account for the benefits of these, alongside the broad spectrum of other software in use today. Make sure you see the full value of your IT investment

Also carried by LinuxInsider

Bureaucrats: Do you know where your numbers are?

There is an interesting article on the Prairie Linux Users Group BLOG linking a report comparing GNUMERIC and Microsoft Excel, and the errors that one will find with calculations in Microsoft Excel.

What is surprising and perhaps a bit terrifying is that Excel is on the desktop of every bureaucrat in every government office in Canada. ... These are the tools people are using to make major decisions about our future.

GOSLING / Great Glebe Garage Sale

Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments (GOSLING)

Just a reminder that each Friday at 16:30 is the Ottawa GOSLING gaggle in the byward market. Details are at . This is an appropriate place to gather to discuss strategies for those in the Ottawa region who want to help with this campaign.

Great Glebe Garage Sale

Saturday May 29 is the [Great Glebe Garage Sale |]. I may be able to set up a table with our [Petition for Users' Rights |] some place near the [Peace and Environment Resource Center |].

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