Getting Open Source Logic INto Government (GOSLING)

Open Standards: And California Makes Four

California now joins Massachusetts, Texas, and Minnesota in the league of US states that have moved towards adopting laws mandating use of open stadards in government agencies.

Open source advocates step up government lobby efforts

An article by editor Shane Schick discusses the recent FLOSS MP awareness campaign by the GOSLING community which involved creating 308 envelopes of material, one per federal member of parliament.

While GOSLING had found a sympathetic ear in former MP Reg Alcock, McOrmond said the regime change in Ottawa has meant searching among new faces for support. One possibility, he said, is James Ragotte, MP for Edmonton-Leduc who used to act as Industry critic when the Conservative Party was still in opposition.

“Normally you can't tell who the important people are before they become important,” McOrmond said.

My hope is that people will write their MP so that we can find out who the people are in parliament that are aware of FLOSS.

Glen Newton blogging Access 2006

Glen Newton has posted a note about Day 1 of Access 2006 (Ottawa, October 11-14, 2006) on his personal BLOG. This includes discussion of Hackfest and Ad Hoc Fest.

Glen was one of the founding members of GOSLING, back when there was only 4 of us. He is Program Head, Research - Information Technologies, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI), National Research Council (NRC).

Copyright related communications from Heritage Minister and Chair of Industry Committee

Attached is a letter sent to the 3 named MPs. The staff from the offices of Mr. Rajotte, Mr McGuinty's and the Minister of Canadian Heritage have acknowledge receipt.

(Note to staff receiving this message. Please indicate receipt. Thank you.)

Dear James Rajotte, M.P., Chair of Industry-Science-Technology committee,
Ms. Bev Oda, P.C., M.P., Minister of Heritage,
Mr. David J. McGuinty, M.P. for Ottawa South

I received reply letters from both Mr. Rajotte dated September 27 and, through Mr. McGuinty's office, a letter from Ms. Oda. dated July 7.

Ottawa Citizen: Open-sourcing the Hill

An Ottawa Citizen article by David Reevely discussed the recent GOSLING MP awareness project.

McOrmond says GOSLING has had positive responses from a few MPs -- Tory James Rajotte is one. Unfortunately, he says, two enthusiastic open-source proponents have left the picture. Former Liberal labour minister Joe Fontana is quitting federal politics to run for mayor of London; Reg Alcock was an enormously influential supporter as president of the Treasury Board, McOrmond says, but lost his Winnipeg seat in the election that defeated his government last January.

It was Joe Fontana's hill staff that hosted an Open Source event on parliament hill on June 19th, 2006.

French Govt to Adopt Open Document Format?

All French government publications should use OpenDocument Format (ODF), a comprehensive report (PDF) commissioned by French prime minister Dominique de Villepin recommends. An article on InfoWorld mentions that the report also recommends a government research centre for open source security, and the creation of a system for government agencies - local & national - to exchange information in the use of open source software.

All informative, vital, and timely, and quite possibly the basis for legislation soon.

GOSLING members interviewed for CTV's Tech Now

This afternoon Mike Richardson and I (Russell McOrmond) were interviewed by a reporter for CTV's show Tech Now. Tech Now airs as part of the 6pm newscast each Sunday in Ottawa.

The event that inspired the interview was a recent GOSLING project. A group of people in Ottawa got together to create 308 envelopes to send to each of the Members of the Canadian parliament. This envelope contained 2 CDs of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), as well as a number of pages and pamphlets of information. (Details of contents)

Feds put open source into active service

An article by Shane Schick includes:

The Canadian government is planning to use GForge as the starting point for asset management. A Treasury Board director walks us through the process and identifies the applications that will be tackled first.

If you live in Ottawa and want to find out more about this project, you may want to attend a GOSLING Gaggle.

Ottawa Citizen article on the Government 2.0 Think Tank: Passion for progress

An Ottawa Citizen article by Peter Hum discusses the Government 2.0 Think Tank.

Cormier has attracted other public servants who share his desires and are willing to spend their own time furthering their common cause. As well, private-sector participants, especially those who embrace the open-source spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, are signing up for G2TT. Some were already members of GOSLING (Getting Open Source Logic Into Governments), an Ottawa group that wants to change the way Canadian governments buy and develop software.

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