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Creative Commons Canada is the Canadian branch of the International Commons project of the Creative Commons.

Le premier billet en français de digital copyright

Bonjour à tous,

Pour le premier billet en français sur, j'aimerais souligner la présence Québécoise sur L'écoute des albums "8 jours" (par Gars Trans) et "Le Grand Voyage" (par Zénon) est à ne pas manquer.

J'espère, avec le temps, que la présence Franco-Canadienne sur Jamendo et d'autres sites de musique libre va se diversifiée et qu'on y retrouvera la musique de Franco-Ontariens, Acadiens, Franco-Saskois et de tous les autres Francophones du Canada.

Commentary on Captain Copyright

I have my own commentary on the Captain Copyright website. A collegue, MC, attempted to send his thoughts to the Captain but unfortunately the Captain does not seem to be ready to receive e-mail yet. I'm reprinting those comments (with permission) as inspiration to others who might want to send a balanced comment to the Captain.

I just stumbled on your website. It's quite interesting. As a software developer I think it is important that people understand the importance of copyright. However, while the information that is contained on the website is quite accurate, I am a bit worried that children will emerge thinking that there is only one way to deal with copyrighted information.

Access Copyright and Creative Commons Canada Announce Public Domain Registry

A joint press release on March 3, 2006 includes:

Access Copyright, The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency and Creative Commons Canada, in partnership with Creative Commons Corporation in the US, today announced the development of a Canadian public domain registry. The ground-breaking project - the most comprehensive of its kind in Canada - will create an online, globally searchable catalogue of published works that are in the Canadian public domain.

See also: Access Copyright press release, Creative Commons BLOG, Creative Commons Canada BLOG.

Quick as always, Jack Kapica wrote an article for the Globe and Mail.

iCommons Canada Launch Party: September 30, 2004

iCommons Canada Launch Party.

Announcement in PDF format for printing (PDF readers)

Please join us on the evening of Thursday September 30, 2004 for the official launch of the Canadian version of the Creative Commons (cc-ca) licences for digital artworks. The licence was ported for use in Canada by the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) in collaboration with the Law & Technology Program at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law.

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