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The CopyCamp website has been updated with answers to many questions, providing more information for those thinking of attending this event in Toronto from September 28 to the 30'th. This event will bring together people from the arts community, the Free/Libre and Open Source Software community, and others interested in creativity and copyright together in one conference. The full list of questions includes:

  • What is CopyCamp?
  • What is an unconference? What is a camp? Is this one?
  • Who is running CopyCamp?
  • Is it free? Is it expensive? How You Can Help End Patronage at CBC

On November 15th, the five-year term of CBC President Robert Rabinovitch expires. The Prime Minister must decide if he will follow in the footsteps of his predecessors, or if he will end patronage appointments.

FRIENDS supports the unanimous recommendation of the all-party Lincoln Committee (the House of Commons Heritage Committee) that the next CBC President should be selected by the CBC Board of Directors, not the Prime Minister.

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