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Mathieu Péron (Nickel Belt, Progressive Canadian Party)

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I have been preparing for a couple debates.

Here are my answers for your questions & the CIPPIC ones are attached in the rtf file I'm sending you.

Do you agree that Copyright should be primarily handled by Industry rather than Heritage, and would you be willing to offer a similar pledge to the above listing Industry rather than Heritage?


* A recent government bill C-60 proposed legal protection for technical measures that claim to be used to protect copyright. Many of these technical measures are indistinguishable from SpyWare and other malware which circumvents the security of personal computers.

Mark Abramowitz (Thornhill, Progressive Canadian Party)

Dear Russel McOrmond

First and foremost I want to apologize for how long it has taken for me to get back to you. To be honest, I am not very educated on the subject of your questions, so I forwarded them to a party member who is. I am sending you his responses because it would be his word that I would take on the matter. I hope to have your support for the upcoming election. If you have anymore questions feel free to call me at 416-704-2697 or e-mail again.

Mark Abramowitz
Candidate for Thornhill
Progressive Canadian Party (PC)

office number 416-704-2697

Here it is:

Link to article on DCC site with answers from Jim Love.

Alexander T. Bussmann (Etobicoke-North, Progressive Canadian Candidate) replies

Hello Russell,

I am in full agreement with what I have read here. It is very important for government to protect citizens rights. We should in no way be stifling the ability of independent authors from being able to distribute their content as they see fit. We must also not give third parties intrusive rights to tamper, or invade the privacy of the individual. Media piracy is wrong and does constitute stealing and just because of the technological challenges to securing the media make full protection impossible doesn't mean that we should implement archaic, or totalitarian laws to protect it.

Jim Love (Beaches--East York, Progressive Canadian Party) answers CIPPIC questions

I have sent your Copyright Pledge to our leader for review as we do not have a national council meeting til after the election. I have recommended that she endorse it.

I have seen that Brad Thomson has given his personal opinions (not party policy) on some of these issues. Party policy doesn't directly address some of the issues you've raised and in those cases, the candidates are entitled to give their own opinion.

Brad Thomson (Ottawa South, Progressive Canadian Party) answers CIPPIC questions

Do you agree that we need legislation to protect Canadians from harmful technologies like the Sony-BMG rootkit DRM?

Yes. The problems of copying music, for example, have existed since the advent of cassette tapes back in the 1970's. Any infringement upon copyright laws was, and still is, very difficult to detect and police. But if is of course not proper for Sony or anyone else to endanger consumers computers. There are programs that cannot be copied and remain installable, while no danger to the computer exists. The same can be done with music in terms of copying. The copies don't have to work, while the computer does not have to be put in jeopardy.

Political Parties and Use of Open Source Web Tools

I noticed that the Conservative Party's eNewsletter was being sent by Mailman and got thinking about what Open Source platforms the various political parties are using. The breakdown is interesting:

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