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Want to meet four men who dared to fight MS -- and won?

Greoklaw has an interview (audio and transcript) of Georg Greve of FSFE, Jeremy Allison and Volker Lendecke of Samba, and Carlo Piana, their lawyer of record in the European case against Microsoft.

Sometimes folks try to characterize, or mischaracterize, the FOSS community. If you want to know what that community is like, it's like this, this interview, these four men who dared to try the impossible, with weapons of intellect and skill and integrity rather than money, men who couldn't be bought, who never gave up, and who happily lived to tell us the story with humor and pleasantness.

Freelance Work and Organized Labour : PWAC Presents

At the 2007 PWAC National Conference & AGM in Vancouver, PWAC presented the esteemed Dr. Vincent Mosco, Canada Research Chair in Communications and Society as one of our luncheon speakers. Dr. Mosco spoke to the gathered writers about how freelance work and organized labour have begun to come together in North America. (to audio on

Linux - You Can Do It!

Neil Randall has a multi-part article in PC Magazine describing how to try out Linux for those who haven't already.

If you haven't tested the Linux waters yet, now's the time. In this starter guide—and in step-by-step instructions—we'll help you every inch of the way. And you don't have to give up using Windows.

IBM to offer derivative free in challenge to Microsoft's line

An article by Steve Lohr of the The New York Times discusses the recent moves by IBM to further embrace as a way to promote the OpenDocument file format standard.

This is an attempt by various vendors to force a market correction to deal with the Microsoft Office monopoly. This is something that governments should be doing by properly including anti-trust/competition policy goals within PCT revision.

Any inroads IBM and its allies make against Microsoft, analysts say, will not come easily. "Three major players--IBM, Google and Sun--are now solidly behind a potential competing standard to Office," said Rob Koplowitz, an analyst at Forrester Research. "But it's a tough road. Office is very entrenched."

This article didn't adequately credit Novell which has also been a major contributor to the codebase.

SCO FUD almost over...

What confused people into thinking that Linux was on loose legal ground is slowly ending with SCO filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware (The inside-US version of the "Cayman Islands" used to hide assets). See Groklaw for ongoing details. This is soon after it was found by a court that Novell, not SCO, owned the copyrights that were the basis of SCO's lawsuits.

Should your firm be FLOSSing?

An article by Paul Chin, Special to The Globe and Mail talks about how FLOSS is an increasingly viable option.

IBM adds heft to OpenOffice open-source project

A CNet article by Martin LaMonica discusses increased support from IBM for as one method to promote tools which use the open standard OpenDocument format. For IBM the document standard will be the motivation, not the office suite given they have their own competing Lotus Smartsuite (latest release supports OpenDocument format).

IBM doesn't intend thus far to offer customer support for, but there are companies like Sun, Novell and others which offer full support.

Microsoft cannot declare itself exempt from the requirements of GPLv3

An August 28, 2007 FSF Press release provides a response to Microsoft's claims that they are somehow exempt from the requirements of GPLv3.

Funny how it seems to always be those companies that lobby for "stronger" copyright, patent, and license agreement protection in the law and courts that are quick to claim that they should be exempt from these same obligations.

Whoops, DRM

With no explanation, it seems Microsoft's WGA system is experiencing some down-time. One possible side-effect of this might be that your copy of Windows could be marked as counterfeit. If this happens, there is a possibility that you will see some reduced functionality.

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