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OLPC’s XO Laptop hits mass production

Larry Dignan blogs on ZDNet about the OLPC moving into mass production. On November 12 the Give 1 Get 1 program starts where you buy 2 XO laptops, with one shipped to a child in a majority-world country and one shipped to your home. While I'm the child of our household, I still plan to participate in this program as I am excited to learn more about this project.

Canadian Greens add FOSS to election platform

A article by Bruce Byfield discusses the inclusion of FLOSS and Net Neutrality in the platform of the Green Party of Canada.

Linux Community Questions x86 Server Numbers

Peter Galli of eWeek has an article quoting various Linux and FLOSS companies responding to the latest misinformation from IDC (which also does the BSA/CAAST "studies").

"They do not, they cannot, capture the great majority of Linux servers deployed in production. Our company is but one data point here: Our staff has been involved in over 1,000 Linux deployments in the past 15 years, of which only a dozen would appear on the radar of research companies like the IDC," Zymaris said.

Is Linux really losing market share to Windows? No, IDC is at it again..

Read a story Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols about the most recent IDC study that some have misinterpreted to suggest that people are migrating from Linux to Windows. What IDC is measuring is server hardware bundled with operating systems which may be where the majority of Windows servers come from, but isn't that significant a factor for Linux. This is the same flawed methodology that IDC uses to massively under-estimate the usage of FLOSS in their so-called "Piracy Study" they jointly do with BSA. Any under-estimation of the usage of FLOSS shows up as an inflation of the amount of software copyright infringement that is actually happening.

Is non-FLOSS really long-term viable?

I was recently invited to join a Facebook group titled Is Information Systems using Open Source Software (FLOSS) really viable?. I wrote the following comment on the Wall of that group.

Not sure I can really contribute to this "debate". I started in Free Software at an early age, and in fact don't see how non-FLOSS is really long-term viable.

Why Ballmer's Protection FUD Matters

eWeek's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes about Steve Ballmer, the Sopranos and the protection racket, discussing why this matters.

Ballmer is sending two other hidden messages though.
The first is that there's something unsavory about Linux and open source.
that there is no innovation or creation in open source.
As for new ideas, open source is the new idea of the 21st century.

Apple might be even more of a "control freak" than Microsoft.

An article by Kevin Tolly discusses how the iPhone has suggested that Apple may be more of a control freak than Microsoft. This isn't surprising to anyone who has been a long-time observer of the Industry, as many developers and consumers moved from Apple to Microsoft in the late 80's and early 90's because Microsoft provided the comparatively more open platform.

Russian schools move to Linux

A BBC News article discusses why Russia is moving their schools to "Linux" (meaning FLOSS).

On Behalf of BusyBox Developers, SFLC Files First Ever U.S. GPL Violation Lawsuit

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) today announced that it has filed the first ever U.S. copyright infringement lawsuit based on a violation of the GNU General Public License (GPL) on behalf of its clients, two principal developers of BusyBox, against Monsoon Multimedia, Inc. BusyBox is a lightweight set of standard Unix utilities commonly used in embedded systems and is open source software licensed under GPL version 2.

Read full press release.

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