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U.S. may be left behind in open-source technology, Red Hat's Szulik warns

Szulik implied that the U.S.'s attitude toward open-source, as witnessed by recent developments in U.S. law and copyright, education and patent policies, could threaten this country's pre-eminence as a technology supplier. "The United States is increasingly becoming a fast follower," he said.

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Canada's CIO branch offers position on Open Source Software

A document part of the Federated Architecture Program documents the position on Open Source Software.

Existing Canadian federal legislation, agreements and policies accommodate a wide variety of business models for public sector software acquisition, use, production and distribution. Accordingly, software solutions used in the Government of Canada come under many license types, including certified "open source" or "free/libre" software licenses.

Case Study: Hentzenwerke Publishing switches to Linux

[Hentzenwerke Publishing |] is a small family-run business in Milwaukee, WI (USA), specializing in custom software development and technical book publishing. Whil Hentzen was named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional seven times. He received the Microsoft Visual FoxPro Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001, publishing Visual FoxPro books since 1998.

He [recently published an article |] about his converting his entire company to Linux over the last couple of years.

Green Software: The Green Party and Free Software

Over the past few years I have been trying to bring ideas to the Green Party about information ecology. This includes discussions surrounding laws often referenced under the (very politically motivated) phrase "Intellectual Property".

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