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(World) Government Open Source Policies

The US based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has created a document listing the open source policies in various governments (Federa, State/Province, Municipal).

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Read more about Open Source software on CSIS website. Conference (OOoCon 2004) - September 22nd - 24th 2004 (Berlin, Germany) is now used by millions throughout the world and is key to the open-source movement. Now is your chance to meet the community of developers, users, and business that are contributing to this revolution.

BBC News: UN backs drive for free software

The UN's International Open Source Network (IOSN) helped promote the first annual Software Freedom Day on 28 August, giving out CDs and booklets about the technology.

See full article on BBC News...

See past articles on the IOSN guide and Software Freedom Day.

IBM, Red Hat get high security certification

Server maker IBM Corp. and commercial Linux distributor Red Hat Inc. say that they have jumped through the rigorous Common Criteria security certifications used by the U.S. government (and particularly the Department of Defense) to certify if a particular server and operating system stack is secure enough for deployment in sensitive situations.

This article in Computer Business Review online also indicates that "In late January 2004, IBM and Novell Inc certified SuSE Enterprise Server 8 with service pack 3 running across the eServer line (xSeries, iSeries, pSeries, zSeries, and eServer 325 Opteron-based machines) to the Common Criteria CAPP/EAL3+ level." Linux Friendly Brazil

Twenty percent of all computers used by the Brazilian ministries are running Linux and other open source software. In a few months this number should grow to 100 percent. Through its Digital Inclusion Program Brazil wishes to democratize the use of computers. Government telecenters are being created throughout Brazil.

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See also: Brazil's Answer to Digital Inclusion

CNet News: Linux guide designed for developing nations

A United Nations-funded organization has produced a Linux desktop manual for novice PC users as part of an effort to encourage developing countries to use open-source software.

The manual, from the International Open Source Network, or IOSN, includes basic information on how to manage files, browse the Web and produce OpenOffice documents on a Linux PC.

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California Performance Review Report includes FLOSS

Each year the State of California spends millions of dollars on software, software maintenance and renewal. Many private and governmental organizations are turning to open source software as a cost-effective alternative to closed source software. The state should more extensively consider use of open source software, which can in many cases provide the same functionality as closed source software at a much lower total cost of ownership.

Read section of report Library softwre by librararians for librarians...

From the FAQ:

2. Why did we decide on the open source software model?

We decided on open source for our development model for both pragmatic and philosophical reasons. The open source community is a natural ally of the library community. Both try to enrich their members through sharing and disseminating knowledge, and both are open to everyone, private or public, commercial or non-commercial.

Developing Nations See Linux as a Savior From Microsoft's Grip

Together, Brazil and China constitute two of Microsoft's biggest emerging markets, where potential for growth among a combined 1.5 billion consumers hangs like a tantalizing golden apple waiting to ripen. Government-driven movements to shift to free or low-cost software — fed by security, economic and ideological concerns — threaten to dent Microsoft's ambitions.

Read full article in LA Times.

Software Freedom Day: August 28, 2004

On August 28, 2004, we will celebrate the first annual Software Freedom Day. On that day, we will make the world aware of the virtues of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and encourage its widespread use.

This is a global grassroots marketing campaign in which we are inviting volunteers from around the world to participate.

See also: PR: TheOpenCD 1.4.1 Released--Software Freedom Day Special Edition

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