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Facebook Open Source Projects

I'm providing a link to Facebook's page of Open Source projects, hoping that people will reply with their thoughts.

For those who don't realize it, the largest sites on the Internet from Twitter to Google are built on Open Source, with each participating in the ecosystem in a variety of ways.

Open Source Group Weighs in on Copyright

For Immediate Release

Canadian Software Innovation Alliance highlights need for careful copyright reform

Ottawa, June 3, 2008

A new coalition of Canadian software businesses and supporters is concerned about how reforms to Canadian copyright laws might affect the open source business model. The Canadian Software Innovation Alliance (CSIA) represents over 20 businesses that specialize in open source software. In response to rumors of a new copyright bill set to hit the House of Commons before the summer recess, the CSIA today announced the public release of their White Paper. The CSIA has provided the White Paper to Industry Minister Jim Prentice and Heritage Minister Josée Verner in an open letter jointly addressed to the two Ministers.

Microsoft's Bill Buxton makes snide comments about OLPC, Torvalds, and Open Source

As part of a (largely unrelated) interview of Bill Buxton (Principal Researcher with Microsoft and "a designer and a researcher concerned with human aspects of technology.") the topic of the digital divide came up. Unfortunately he took this as an opportunity to make snide comments about the OLPC project, Linus Torvalds and Open Source.

The article including the the full audio/video interview for the CBC show spark includes an 'interesting' discussion that Bill decided to participate in as comments.

Changing of practises at OLPC project may encourage illegal activity...

I have been reading many reports that suggested the OLPC project had abandoned its constructionist model with skepticism. It simply didn't make sense to me given that all the advocates I knew were interested entirely because of the educational model of the project, and the insistence that all the software that comes with it be FLOSS in support of that model.

An Associated Press article discussing Walter Bender leaving the project is one of many articles that have made me look at this question more closely.

It seems that Nicholas Negroponte has confused those of us that are focused on the public policy and educational goals of the project with "fundamentalism in some of the open-source community". In an article on OLPC news he says, "Our mission has never been to advocate the perfect learning model or pure Open Source".

My Laptop from the One Per Child project.

(Published on p2pnet)
Last November I participated in the Give One, Get One program of the One Laptop Per Child project. I received my "get one" XO in late January, at the beginning of the shipments to Canada. After a few months of having it I wanted to offer my thoughts.

I could give you specs on the hardware, but those interested in that can find the details online as well as comparisons with other smaller laptops such as the ASUS eee PC. I didn't get my XO because of the hardware specs, and to be honest I didn't think I would use it much. I mostly wanted to donate to the project and have a prop to show politicians and policy makers when I was hand-waiving about Free Software.

Open source users assess Sun update of MySQL

A Computerworld article by Kathleen Lau includes:

Russell McOrmond, policy coordinator with the Canadian Association for Open Source and an IT World Canada blogger, said a large vendor like Sun will encourage companies to adopt MySQL given the perception of more robust product support. However, on the flip side, long-time open source advocates will continue to be skeptical given “some missteps” committed by Sun in the past. “So there are these competing things happening,” said McOrmond.

Open Source Boot Camp (OSBOOTCAMP) in Ottawa

Some of the folks at Carleton University (Career Development and Co-operative Education, Talent First Network) and Ingres Canada sponsor a local mini-conference called Open Source Bootcamp. Check out the site for events happening in May (Open Source Databases), June (Open Source Geospatial Software) and July (Eclipse).

Biggest legal victory ever for GPL

An article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols discusses the case involving Verizon's alleged violation of the GPL with their unauthorized distribution of BusyBox. A press release from the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) documents that the BusyBox Developers Agree To End GPL Lawsuit Against Verizon.

Also blogged on IT World Canada

Fort Erie goes open source

A Computer Dealer News article by Paolo Del Nibletto documents a move from Microsoft software to Novell supported FLOSS for the town of Fort Erie, Ontario.

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