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The Benefits of Copyright Reform

A BLOG entry from Michael Geist includes:

While I obviously do not support Henderson' s view of changes to Canadian copyright law nor the efforts to prop up Sam Bulte (both financially and rhetorically) against a tough NDP challenger, I do not think that those concerned with balanced copyright and the interests of Canadian education, consumers, and artists should shy away from reform.

Letter about C-60 to constituent from Honourable MP Bill Siksay (NDP) of Burnaby-Douglas

After a few mail exchanges, Oscar C. Lee obtained the following reply from the Honourable MP Bill Siksay (NDP) of Burnaby-Douglas. Letter was dated September 30, 2005.

Dear Mr Lee,

Thank you for once again writing to me regarding the proposed changes to copyright legislation in Canada.

I want to assure you that my New Democrat colleagues and I oppose Bill C-60 as it now reads and agree with you that it requires major changes. The Liberal government must decide what it is going to do with this bill and either refer it to a legislative committee or to a joint industry-heritage committee. New Democrats believe that the bill must go through committee stage with significant amendments. I have taken the liberty of sharing your views directly with our New Democrat critic on this issue, Charlie Angus, MP.

Again, thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention.

Sincerely yours,

Bill Siksay, MP

Peter Julian introduces first batch of petition signatures in parliament.

On Thursday April 7, 2005 (approximately 10:15), Peter Julian introduced the first batch of approximately 187 signatures for the Petition for Users Rights in parliament. We have received over a thousand signatures, and will be having many members of parliament introducing them in batches.

The following is what he said in parliament.

Manitoba's Governing NDP support FLOSS

It is reported by the Prairie Linux User Group (PLUG) that resolution 05-JE-04 Free and Open Source Software passed at the 41st Constitutional Convention of the Manitoba New Democratic Party. The NDP are the governing party in the province of Manitoba.

05-JE-04 Free and Open Source Software

Whereas the free software and Open Source movements offer the possibility of a new form of production based on sharing and community cooperation; and

NDP Critic Breaks Ranks from Heritage Committee on Copyright

From CIPPIC News:

In an article in the Timmins Daily Press (PDF readers), Charlie Angus, NDP Member of Parliament for Timmins-James Bay and frontman for the Juno award-winning roots/country group, the Grievous Angels, breaks ranks with the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on proposals to revise the Copyright Act. Angus is quoted as saying that "What's being proposed could have some very profound implications," and could potentially herald the end of the Internet as a digital intellectual commons.

NDP Heritage Critic and Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus has given the feds a royal tongue lashing

This article in the Northern News (Kirkland Lake) includes:

Digital Angus

As per usual, NDP Heritage Critic and Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus has given the feds a royal tongue lashing.

Angus was in Toronto recently for Canadian Music Week where he spoke on a panel called “Canada Saves the World”.

He chastised the government for looking at copyright legislation that could be detrimental to the digital revolution.

Letter to NDP critics: Keep eye on the future during Bush visit

I wrote a letter to key NDP issue critics discussing the importance of policy around patents and copyright.

Canada is at a crossroads: It could join the "coalition
of the billing" which are those countries that bow to US pressure to
outsource their cultural and economic policy to foreign special economic
interest groups. Alternatively, Canada can adopt a modern way of looking
at development in the knowledge economy and become a world leader.

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NDP has e-Campaign but no e-Answers to questions?

I just received a notice from the NDP about

Interesting site, and good use of the Internet during an election.

I am surprised that so far none of the NDP candidates have replied to either the Digital Copyright Forum or CIPPIC questions of Candidates. Hopefully any readers of this site who are NDP supporters (and even if you are not) can talk to your candidates and encourage them to let us know where they stand.

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