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Valerie Mushinski (Prince Albert, NDP) sent copy of NDP response

Valerie Mushinski (Prince Albert, NDP) sent copy of NDP response to the CIPPIC questions.

Gina Barber (London West, NDP) answers questions

Dear Mr McOrmond,

Please find the platform of my party with regard to this issue as Follows:

London West NDP Response - Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic Questionnaire

New Democrats have traditionally expressed support for measures that protect the rights of creators, and ensure that their work is valued and compensated, whether it appears on the radio, in print media, on the internet or elsewhere.

New Democrats have also expressed that any copyright legislation needs to balance the rights of creators, users and distributors. Creators must be fairly compensated for their work, and only a creator can waive that right. At the same time, users need fair access, in order to encourage a vital Canadian culture. We would support legislative measures that involve a careful balancing of all of these factors.

Gary Dale (Pickering--Scarborough East, NDP) answers questions

Hi Russel. I've attached the NDP response you requested. Here is also a response I sent to another person on similar issues (more direct answers to your questions below):

I do not condone the illegal copying of music or other material. However, this is a civil and criminal justice issue. It is not up to the media companies to implement vigilante solutions.

- I think Canada needs a fair-use amendment to clarify what uses are permitted and under what conditions.

- I think that the blank media levy is fundamentally incompatible with the copy protection schemes on many commercial CDs. Either you have one, the other or none, but never both. It is interesting to note just how little of that levy ever made it to the artists it was supposed to compensate.

Anna Mather (Brampton - Springdale, NDP) answers questions

Dear Mr. McOrmond,

I think discussions about Bill C-60 are important, and I'm surprised questions surrounding this bill haven't been raised in more interviews and discussions I've had with students. I think this could potentially be an area where younger candidates might be able to provide more insight than our older counterparts.

If I were in Ms. Bulte's current position, I would either cancel my fundraiser and refuse donations from (what is essentially) a pro-copywrite lobby group, or decline the position of Heritage Minister if offered. Especially in the midst of an already scandal-plagued Liberal campaign, these just seem to be the obvious courses of action for Ms. Bulte. As NDP candidate Peggy Nash pointed out in their Parkdale all-candidate meeting, "If this was the big banks doing this for the finance minister, people would question that."

Holly Heffernan (Calgary Southwest, NDP) replies to questions.


I have included the NDP response to the CIPPC questions. I will ponder your extra questions. Holly Heffernan Calgary Southwest NDP Candidate.

January 10, 2006

RE: Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic Questionnaire

Attached please find the response of the New Democratic Party to your 2006 Election Survey. It is the policy of our party to respond to surveys on behalf of all New Democratic candidates.

Please note that our election platform has yet to be released. We invite you to consult our platform after it is released for more information on the issues you raise in your questionnaire.

Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) gets some answers to election questions

The future of this country lies with our children and youth. That is why the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) has identified key issues that have an impact on the challenges faced, on a daily basis, by teachers in their efforts to meet the diverse and growing range of children's needs.

See Federal Election page on CTF website. They have a page focused on copyright, and a PDF of their questions and some party replies.

Reply to copyright questions

I received a phone message from Peter Julian, incumbant and NDP candidate.

Essentially, he reminded me of the work we've done together on this and confirmed that his stance on these issues hasn't changed.

Nash Questions Bulte Fundraiser Ethics

This press release from Peggy Nash's campaign includes:

"Ms. Bulte needs to understand that her job as a parliamentarian is to work first and foremost in the public interest," said Peggy Nash, NDP candidate for Parkdale- High Park. "Politicians are held to a higher standard than others and the perception of bias is simply not acceptable."

Nash stated that Bulte's activities further reminds voters of Liberal ethical violations that are a serious concern for many Canadians.

Peggy is profiled in the new online local arts magazine Gadzooks!, where she discusses the need for stable arts funding to support a strong cultural sector..

Putting money where my mouth is.

While I'm not loaded like the foreign special interest groups that fund Sarmite Bulte's "Liberal" campaign, I put $250 towards the Charlie Angus campaign. It is my hope that I'm doing my small bit to ensure that an actual creator (Writer, broadcaster and musician), who understands the competitive issues in Copyright, will be sitting in the next parliament. It is critical to me as a fellow creator that we have some influence against the intermediaries in copyright and related policy discussions.

Letter to Peggy Nash: Time to give Bulte the boot!

I vote for the candidate, not for the party, as none of the parties have made clear positions on the issues that are most important to me such as technology law.

I have a strong bias in a few key ridings. I want to ensure that independent musician Charlie Angus is re-elected in his riding, and I want to do what I can to give Sam Bulte the boot. Ms. Bulte has demonstrated no interests in protecting Canadian creators and creativity, and only an interest in protecting the contradictory special interests of (largely foreign) intermediaries such as major labels.

I wrote the following letter to Peggy Nash, who was in fairly close second place last election. I gave her campaign office a call, and if she is as forward-looking on this issue as I think she is I will also be donating to her campaign.

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