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Jennifer Burgis (Saanich - Gulf Islands, New Democratic Party)

Jennifer Burgis
Federal NDP candidate
Saanich and the Gulf Islands.

Hello Russel

Sorry for the delay in replying to your complicated issues. Thank you for taking time to contact us.
The federal NDP has an official response and I send it.
The NDP response is attached.

What will the future hold? Post your thoughts on the election!

Reading the article about various "Arts groups" reinterpreting Bev Oda's words different ways makes me think about how there can equally be spin on our issues with each of the parties.

I will post my own thoughts on the parties that had seats in the last parliament, with the hope that people will add their own comments over the next day and offer their own thoughts.

While the Green party has consistently had the most interesting platform, the Canadian candidates don't have a Canadian record to look at. I see no evidence that any other party without seats in the last parliament has a chance this time, so as interesting as their ideas may be they won't be part of the "chosen 308".

Rob Hutchison (Kingston and the Islands, New Democratic Party)

Hi Russell, sorry it took so long to reply. I am enclosing a statement on our position on this issue. I hope it helps. Thanks for your inquiry. Valerie Westgate, Campaign Manager for Rob Hutchison. This time, NDP.

January 19, 2006

Bill Siksay (Burnaby - Douglas, New Democratic Party)

RE: Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic Questionnaire

Attached please find the response of the New Democratic Party to the CIPPIC 2006 Election Survey. It is the policy of our party to respond to surveys on behalf of all New Democratic candidates.

I would also invite you to consult our platform at for more information on the issues you raise in your questionnaire.

Thank you for your interest in the views of the New Democratic Party on the critical issues facing Canadians.

I appreciate your efforts to help voters make an informed decision on voting day.

Bill Siksay, MP

George Marshall (Malpeque, New Democratic Party)


There are some questions which I can answer and some I cannot.

Re the national questionaire, this must, as per party policy, be addressed by national NDP.

Regarding the quesion relating to contributions for copyright and conflicts of interest, I oppose, with my party, the sitting on legislative committees addressing copyright, acting as Minister of Canadian Heritage or as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage after receiving contributions from copyright lobbyists.

Re who should handle copyright Industry or Heritage, I would have to consult my party and constituency.

George Marshall (Malpeque, New Democratic Party)

Dear Russell McOrmond:

To be honest, our small party in Malpeque has been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of questionnaires and position papers submitted to our candidate, George Marshall. He has been spending time meeting constituents in person, participating in public forums, attending campaign meetings and other events, holding down employment, and writing his own position papers. For this reason (and because both he and I, in our respective positions, are first-timers and had no prior idea of the sheer volume of these requests), I apologise that George is unlikely to be able to respond personally to you - although, of course, I am forwarding your message on to him, and you never know! I know he is interested in IT.

Stephen Maynard (London North Centre, NDP)

Your questions and the information you provided with them raise a number of complex points. I will be seeking further information and considering those issues in more depth. Should I be elected, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your position in more detail and learn more about the policies you would recommend for consideration.

Stephen Maynard

Stephen Maynard NDP Campaign
809 Dundas St. at Rectory
London ON
N5W 5P6

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