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Putting Mr. Angus' private members Copyright bill in context: locks, lawsuits, levies and licensing.

On March 16, 2010, NDP digital issues critic Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) tabled Motion 506 to expand Fair Dealings as well as a private members bill Bill C-499: An Act to amend the Copyright Act (audio recording devices) which seeks to extend the existing Private Copying regime for audio recording to devices. The next day the Heritage committee tabled a motion supporting the extension of the regime to devices, indicating the support of the Liberals and Bloc for this policy direction.

While I fully support the motion on extending Fair Dealings, the impact of the private members bill is much more complex and needs discussion. This is what Mr. Angus intended.

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Masse demands consumer protection & Internet competiton

Government must withdraw C-27 amendment and overturn CRTC decision

OTTAWA – Today, NDP Industry Critic Brian Masse (Windsor West) demanded during Question Period in the House of Commons that the government protect internet consumers’ privacy from spam fraudsters by withdrawing an amendment to Bill C-27, the Electronic Commerce Protection Act (ECPA) that would allow private companies to search individuals’ computers without permission or consent. Masse also demanded that competition be restored in the broadband market by requesting the government overturn yesterday’s CRTC decision, which allows Bell and other giant Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to throttle the internet traffic of competitors or end users to the detriment of both.

Rocker Andrew Cash nominated in riding of Davenport

Andrew Cash, along with sitting MP Charlie Angus, are members of the Canadian Music Creators Coalition. This will now be another riding to watch in the next election, and I will give whatever support I can to both Charlie and Andrew.

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Effect of political turmoil on copyright?

I have been asked a few times what the impact on copyright is of the current political turmoil. The general feeling is that even before the current situation, the economic crisis would already have pushed issues like copyright to the back burner of any party. It has been stated by much better political observers than I am that, even while mentioned in the recent throne speech and in the Conservative party platform, that copyright won't show up any time soon.

Jack Layton on Net neutrality: P2P Power

An article on p2pnet features a YouTube video made by Jack Layton that was targeted to Canadians online.

Oshawa NDP candidate on Copyright.

John MacDonald, on behalf of Mike Shields - NDP candidate in Oshawa

Thank you for your interest in the views of Canada's New Democrats on the critical issues facing Canadians.

We appreciate your efforts to help voters make an informed decision on voting day.

Jack Layton and the New Democrats were quick to condemn the Conservative's changes to Canada's copyright laws.

Angus calls on artists/digital activists to get out vote

A press release from NDP Digital Spokesman Charlie Angus discusses how digital issues could play a role in key ridings like Vancouver Centre (Michael Byers), Westmount (Anne Legacé Dowson), Guelph (Tom King) and Pardale High Park (Peggy Nash).

Copyright pushing people to the NDP

I notice a thread on SlashDot about C-61 dieing with the election being called. What I find interesting is how many people have stated publicly that they plan to vote NDP as the party most likely to gain a number of seats which has a reasonable view on Copyright. SlashDot has tended to have people who are right-of-center, towards Libertarian views, so is a community that would traditionally be closer to what the Conservatives claim to represent. There are people who claim to be lifelong conservatives looking towards the NDP this election, feeling the Conservatives have abandoned them.

NDP Digital spokesperson Charlie Angus has been extremely visible in this debate, and the more fellow NDP members that get elected, the more powerful Mr. Angus' voice becomes.

The Green Party (more centre-right) is also mentioned, although with only one MP that didn't have a chance to stand and speak in the house as a Green, people aren't sure about them yet. There also hasn't been a digital spokesperson constantly speaking out on this issue, with the NDP being the only party (with or without seats in the house) who has such a person. It would be great if such a person came forward from each party who could put a positive face onto that party, but thus far this hasn't happened.

Canadian Federal General Election called for October 14

The by-elections are now being extended into a general election. As of the dissolving of this parliament the seat standing was as follows:

Conservatives 127
Liberal 95
Bloc 48
NDP 30
Green 1
Independent 3
Vacant 4.

Net neutrality, copyright, election issues: Charlie Angus

Musician and current Timmins--James Bay MP Charlie Angus has an exclusive p2pnet editorial suggesting some things our community should be active on during the election.

This election will be crucial for the future of digital innovation in Canada. So folks, its time to move beyond click and point and get out there and do some campaigning to get rid of these guys.

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