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Discussing NDP MP and party leadership candidate Romeo Saganash's Copyright article

When I noticed Mr. Saganash's tweet about his Huffington Post article, I replied to say that while I didn't agree with everything he wrote about Bill C-11, I was glad he noted the harm to creators and owners from TPMs. I suspect it would be worthwhile for me to unpack that comment.

In a reply to Mr. Saganash, Jason J Kee disagreed with the suggestion that most countries don't prohibit circumvention for non-infringing purposes. I believe this reply conflates two very different types of technological protection measures included in Bill C-11: use controls, and access controls.

A letter to Canadians from the Honourable Jack Layton

Today we learned of the passing of Jack Layton, MP for Toronto--Danforth, leader of the Official Opposition. He wrote a letter earlier that all Canadians should read. I find it amazing, but consistent with his character, that even as he knew he was dying he spent the time to write to Canadians to wish us all well for the future.

I lost my own father to cancer in May 2009, and it is with this knowledge of the feelings that I offer my condolences to his family, friends, and many others that will miss him.

Who is the Candice Hoeppner for information technology owners?

I have sent a form letter to all Conservative MPs, and a derived letter to all NDP MP's asking the above question.

Thus far I haven't heard anything from Conservative MPs other than some acknowledging receipt.

I have received better response from the Official Opposition NDP. Jack Layton's staffer let me know that "MP Charlie Angus will continue on in his role as critic for digital issues". A few moments ago I received a voice call from Peter Stoffer himself to let me know to contact Charlie. Another MP staffer is looking into setting up an in-person meeting with a newly elected MP.

Shadow cabinet

The NDP announced their shadow cabinet last week. Of particular interest on the copyright front are:
Ethics, Access to Information, Privacy & Copyright and Digital Issues - Charlie Angus
Industry - Peter Julian
Trade - Robert Chisholm
Heritage - Tyrone Benskin
Science and Technology - Hélène Leblanc

Full list here.

Advice to an NDP official opposition on Copyright

While I’ve not being asked yet, I thought I would offer the new NDP official opposition some advice that I believe is consistent with their stated values. I offered some advice for the Conservative majority government, and I hope the NDP will take those suggestions into account as well. I am available to meet with any caucus member to discuss this area of policy more.

Members of the new Official Opposition caucus had a press conference today where they discussed their arts and culture platform for the coming Parliament. The speakers included Charlie Angus (Timmins--James Bay), Tyrone Benskin (Jeanne-Le Ber), Andrew Cash (Davenport), and Pierre Nantel (Longueuil - Pierre-Boucher). I didn’t have a chance to view the press conference yet (I haven’t found an archive online), but have read the press release.

Discussing campaign finance and TV debate reform

A Winnipeg Free Press article discusses the race in Saanich--Gulf Islands. Candidates in this district include incumbent Hon. Gary Lunn who was previously Minister of Natural Resources, and leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May.

Although May is an opponent of nuclear power, Linda Keen said the Green leader's fair-minded approach makes her a preferable alternative to Gary Lunn, Keen's former boss and May's Conservative opponent in the Vancouver Island riding of Saanich-Gulf Island

While unrelated to technology law or nuclear power, I want to discuss and get feedback from this community on a few questions: Should Ms. May should be included in the television debates? What criteria we should use? What are your thoughts on campaign finance reform?

Thoughts on C-32 committee members from the NDP

Of the 12 members of the C-32 committee, only one of them was from the NDP (based on the percentage of NDP seats in the house). While Mr. John Rafferty (Thunder Bay—Rainy River, NDP) stood in for Mr. Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay, NDP) for part of one of the days, it was otherwise Mr. Angus at all meetings. He is the Heritage, Culture, and digital issues critic for the NDP.

Angus calls on Moore to compromise on copyright bill

A press release from the NDP includes the following:

“Nowhere is the Conservative’s assault on artists more clear than in their attack on the private copying levy. And the digital lock provisions in this bill are even worse than those found under the notorious DMCA law in the United States,” said Angus. “The government is attacking educators, artists and consumers and, so far, are refusing to back down.”

New Democrats push “open source” for innovation

An NDP press release was sent out about their motion in parliament.

As part of an effort to make government departments more open and responsive to Canadians, the New Democrats have introduced a Parliamentary Motion (M- 587) calling for support for Open Source technologies.

New Democrats say Google-Verizon deal not for Canada

OTTAWA – In the wake of a controversial proposal on net neutrality advanced by Google and Verizon in the United States, New Democrats are calling on the CRTC to lay down clear rules to ensure equality of access to all information on the Internet for all Canadians.

Read full NDP press release.

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