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Liberal Bill C-60

NO Bill C-60www.KillBillC60.caNO Bill C-60 is a project of, a citizens' group established to counter the industry lobbying forces which are trying to strengthen all Intellectual Property laws, often, to the detriment of individual Canadians, and Canadian society as a whole.

Geist: The Liberal Tech Law Record: 2004-05

Michael Geist's weekly Law Bytes column ( Toronto Star version, p2pnet, Freely available version) examines the Canadian Liberal minority government’s record on technology law issues in light of the current election campaign. He sugests that much like the underlying policies themselves, the record is a mixed bag. It falls into three groups of developments: (i) completed policies; (ii) policies that stalled when the government fell late last month; and (iii) policies that never quite got off the ground.

First Government response to a batch of Petition signatures

I received scanned images (Page 1, Page 2 in JPEG format, both pages and text in OpenDocument format) from the Legislative Assistant to David McGuinty. After meeting with Mr McGuinty he asked the Private Members office if any response was received. The response is dated June 6, but the current assistant was not with the office at that time and can not comment on whether the office was notified at that time.

I will write my own response to this "response", which seems to have largely ignored our petition.

Past Simcoe-Grey MP Paul Bonwick now lobbiest for Access Copyright

Canadian New media reports that past Simcoe-Grey MP Paul Bonwick has registered to be a lobbiest for Access Copyright. The revolving door between members of the Heritage (AKA: Past) committee and the legacy content industry associations should be monitored closely if we are to protect future creativity from abusive control by the past.

See also: Letter to Prime Minister Martin that references Mr. Bonwick's 1996 WIPO treaty ratification push. That ratification opposes the interests of Access Copyright is not likely something Mr. Bonwick understands.

WorkShop: Towards a Green Party position on Intellectual Property

(This is a repost from the GPC website)

As part of the conference there will be a workshop on Intellectual Property. The idea is not to try to reach consensus on policy, but to start the conversation with greens. There are many diverse views on this topic, and a number of quite strong ideas of where the Greens should position themselves.

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