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Embarrassingly inaccurate campaign website

The Conservative Party has launched an embarrassingly inaccurate campaign website focused on the private copying regime at The reality is quite different given the Conservatives tabled legislation that would have increased the existing levy (which the campaign calls a "tax"). It is the Liberals proposing getting rid of the levy.

While it is true the Conservatives weren't proposing an expansion of the levy to devices, it is inaccurate to suggest they are greater opponents of the music levy than the Liberals.

I'm not sure why the Conservatives continue to highlight a policy area where their primary political opponents -- the Liberals -- have offered a better alternative. I'm not a partisan supporter of either of these parties as anyone reading this blog would know, but it bothers me when such misinformation is abused in a political campaign.

See also: Is the private copying levy a tax?

Thoughts on C-32 committee members from the Liberal Party of Canada.

Of the 12 members of the C-32 committee, three of them were from the Liberal party of Canada. The primary three were Pablo Rodriguez (Honoré-Mercier), Marc Garneau (Westmount—Ville-Marie), and Hon. Dan McTeague ( Pickering—Scarborough East). Filling in when one of these three members couldn’t attend was Francis Scarpaleggia (Lac-Saint-Louis), Hon. John McCallum (Markham—Unionville), Scott Simms (Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor) and Yasmin Ratansi (Don Valley East).

Re: The Digital Canada of Tomorrow.

Re: "The Digital Canada of Tomorrow." Liberal Party's platform, April 3, 2001, pages 18-19.

[Originally written for posting to a Telecommunities Canada (TC) discussion list]

I’ve seen some reminders in the media these days about emotional elections not being the time for rational discussion of “policy.” So I do concede that advancing a detailed analysis of danger zones in the Liberals’ plan for Canada’s digital future is, for the moment, hopeless. But, maybe for later on, when we all go back to the hard work of governing?

The Liberals’ “Digital Canada of Tomorrow” is more like the Digital Canada of Yesterday, a backward glance in its framing of issues that’s startlingly [conservative?]!

Discussing campaign finance and TV debate reform

A Winnipeg Free Press article discusses the race in Saanich--Gulf Islands. Candidates in this district include incumbent Hon. Gary Lunn who was previously Minister of Natural Resources, and leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May.

Although May is an opponent of nuclear power, Linda Keen said the Green leader's fair-minded approach makes her a preferable alternative to Gary Lunn, Keen's former boss and May's Conservative opponent in the Vancouver Island riding of Saanich-Gulf Island

While unrelated to technology law or nuclear power, I want to discuss and get feedback from this community on a few questions: Should Ms. May should be included in the television debates? What criteria we should use? What are your thoughts on campaign finance reform?

Comments on Liberals' propose amendments to copyright bill C-32

The Liberal party has sent out a release where they propose amendments to copyright bill C-32. Overall I think it is a positive direction they are taking, but the devil may be in the details. I know I don't understand in detail what they are proposing.

Office of the Leader of the Opposition on C-32

After sending out letters to MPs pointing them to the C-32 FAQ, I received the following form letter from the Office of the Leader of the (official) Opposition.

Dear Sir/Madame:

On behalf of Michael Ignatieff, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your recent email regarding Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act. Digital Strategy Q&A with the Liberal Party

Liberal MP Marc Garneau (Westmount—Ville-Marie, critic for Industry, Science & Technology), has participated in a Q&A with While the responses are interesting, I would like to compare with what would be said by Dan McTeague (Pickering—Scarborough East, critic for Consular Affairs, Consumer Affairs) who has expressed quite different opinions on digital strategy issues. I wouldn't be surprised to hear McTeague supporting both 3-strikes and the Google Tax.

Industry Canada Proposes Changes to Spam Bill as Lobbyists Demand More

Michael Geist reports on some lobbying being done to water down an anti-SPAM bill.

At yesterday's hearing, it was discouraging to see lobbyists for Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Intellectual Property Council huddling with Liberal MPs before the start of the hearing. It was even more incredible to see lobbyists for the Canadian Real Estate Association draft a series of questions about the bill, hand them to a Bloc MP, and have them posed to the witnesses moments later.
Consider writing to your MP or the members of the Industry Committee today asking them to support C-27 with an opt-in approach.

I recommend writing to your MP, asking them to forward the letter to committee members. This may increase the impact.

Update: The Copyright Lobby's Secret Pressure On the Anti-Spam Bill, which is referenced via BoingBoing.

Liberal MP Coderre quits as Quebec lieutenant

Longtime Liberal MP Denis Coderre is resigning as the party's Quebec lieutenant and defence critic. (CBC, CTV)

Effect of political turmoil on copyright?

I have been asked a few times what the impact on copyright is of the current political turmoil. The general feeling is that even before the current situation, the economic crisis would already have pushed issues like copyright to the back burner of any party. It has been stated by much better political observers than I am that, even while mentioned in the recent throne speech and in the Conservative party platform, that copyright won't show up any time soon.

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