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Mark MacGillivray (Calgary North Centre, Green Party)

Hi Russel:

These questions you bring up are huge and we at the Green Party are on the cusp of understanding and developing policy for them. We agree that the current copyright system is unworkable and we intend to move forward with an idea of an 'information commons' that exists for the benefit of all and providing incentives for individuals to contribute to it.

I will be examining your links in more detail after the election. It is a cutting edge issue that will make itself felt in the national discussion next election. I will contact you then and we can discuss the proper policy response for the Green Party of Canada.

François Bédard (Rimouski-Neigette - Témiscouata - Les Basques, Parti Vert du Canada)

Good morning Mr McOrmond,

As an "harcore" FLOSS user and advocate-evangelist that puts a lot of energy on having my current employer (Quebec's Governement) embrace more and more open source solutions, as a Computer Security specialist that put his solo start-up business on hold to help the Green Party, as the co-inventor and co-owner of the ultimate anti-spam technology (Canada-US-Europe patent pending), as an wannabepro-amateur bassist and singer that think artists don't get their fair share of the music business revenues I more than agree with about everything I read on your web sites.

Richard Mathias (Richmond, Green Party of Canada)


I cannot claim to be as knowledgeable about these issues as perhaps you would like. My area of expertise is medicine and public health. Nevertheless, I fully support your point of view and would be supportive of your perspective.

I do not know that I can use the word pledge. A definition of pledge includes a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something; I am unwilling to give a binding commitment but I am will state that I agree with your position and oppose efforts to subvert the open exchanges of the internet.

I asked a colleague who is knowledgeable in this area and he fully supports your position. I will endeavour to maintain a reasonable level of understanding of the issues and to ask for guidance where needed and insist on evidence to support attempts to interfere.

Patty Donovan (Fundy Royal, Green party)

Hi Russell,

Thank you for contacting me. Your arguement is sound and reasonable. I worry about accountability and corruption, that is why I wanted to challenge the status quo. However, I plead ignorance. I am not as aware of these issues as I should be, I am a first timer who is still trying to sort it all out. For what it is worth, I believe in copywrite protection and believe that an individuals work is sacrosant and not to be retooled and re-sold under another name. I believe that we should be protected from plagerism and I believe that Government has a responsibility to enforce copywrite laws wihtout bias. I am not sure that answers this exactly. But I am learning and would welcome hearing form you on this matter, I am open and willing to be educated.

Patty Donovan
Green Party of Canada
Fundy royal

Nick Wright (Halifax, Green party) responds


Thank you for your e-mail. I am a strong supporter of open source software and the Supreme Court of Canada's position on the downloading of music, which states that it is permitted under the legislation that grants the music industry levies from the sale of blank media. I am also in agreement that legislation should protect Canadians from spyware and other malware rather than protecting the creator of these harmful programs.

Thank you for your e-mail.

Kind Regards

Nick Wright
Halifax Candidate
Green Party of Canada
nwright _at-

Doug Perry (Vancouver South, Green Party) responds

I am not an Expert in this issue but I agree that any MP who has received campaign funds from any special interest group, or personal benefit that was not in the course of a legitimate business transaction in the pre-political career of the MP, should be considered in conflict of interest if they sit in on the making of any decision which in any way determines the possible benefit or detriment of the individual or group that contributed to their campaign. In the incidence where an MP had pre-political business as a writer, musician, or visual artist they may have had worked for publishing corporations etc with a vested interest in copyright laws, but they may also have a valuable practical understanding of how copy wright law will come to be applied hence their knowledge could be useful on a comity determining how the copy wright law be written. Or in lay-mans terms I will not tolerate any corruption and will be quick to let it be know if I encounter any before, during, or after my time as MP.

I hope that this answers you concerns
Doug Perry DTCM CBT Green Party candidate Vancouver South

Green Party Parkdale High-park campaign office provides response to questions.

Received from Kevin McCall, Campaign Manager for Robert Rishchynski, Parkdale-High Park Green Party of Canada

Hi Russell,

Sorry for taking so long to reply but, as you can probably imagine, we're extremely busy at this time.

My name is Kevin McCall and I am the campaign manager for Rob Rishchynski's campaign in Parkdale-High Park. I have forwarded your email to the Green Party media team in the hopes of a formal response. In the meantime, I've tried to provide you with some information as to where the Green Party and Rob stand on this issue.

The 2006 Green Party platform does not specifically address copyright laws, as this is not seen as a national issue by most. However, the platform includes the following (Page 20) on support for the arts:

p2pnet: Canadian election Net, Tech Q and A

This p2pnet article puts all the CIPPIC answers received so far in a simple format.

However, CIPPIC (Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic) hasn't forgotten and recently launched a site specifically asking for party positions on copyright law reform, police surveillance powers, telecommunications policy reform, and legislative responses to spam, spyware, ID theft, and other privacy invasions.

Green Party election platform to include support for open source

This article by Shane Schick includes:

In its platform for the 2004 election, the Green Party set itself apart by promising that, if elected, it would require federal agencies to initiate transitions to open source operating systems and productivity software. It also said it would make technology that has been developed at public expense a publicly owned resource.

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