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Canadian Greens add FOSS to election platform

A article by Bruce Byfield discusses the inclusion of FLOSS and Net Neutrality in the platform of the Green Party of Canada.

ITWorldCanada: Green Party pledges net neutrality support

Rafael Ruffolo writes an article for ComputerWorld Canada discussing the recent support for Network Neutrality in the Green Party of Canada's Vision Green policy document.

Elizabeth May unveils her party's Green vision for Canada

Green Party leader Elizabeth May unveiled the party's Vision Green policy document.

There is a section on Open source computer software. Network Neutrality is mentioned under Supporting the free flow of information. The excessively long term of patent protection for drugs is mentioned under Healthier people – healthier health care. While they did not mention the PCT implications, they did discuss the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America.

Lawsuits Put Online Free Speech At Risk

Michael Geist's weekly law bytes deals with the Wayne Crooks defamation cases. (Toronto Star version, Homepage version)

Despite garnering only limited media attention, two recently filed defamation lawsuits in British Columbia have the potential to reshape free speech on the Internet in Canada. The suits pit Wayne Crookes, a B.C.-based businessman, against a who's who of the Internet, including Yahoo!, MySpace and Wikipedia. Those companies are accused of defaming Crookes not by virtue of anything they have said, but rather by permitting their users to post or link to articles that are allegedly defamatory.

Please remember: Michael Geist's BLOG always has must-read articles on it. I don't want to flood this BLOG with duplicates of all his articles, so strongly recommend anyone reading this feed to also read his!

Liberal MP Glen Pearson introduces Elizabeth May at environmental service

A London Free Press article talks about an "environmental service" held last Sunday at Wesley-Knox United Church in London where Green party Leader Elizabeth May spoke.

Liberal MP Glen Pearson, who defeated her in a byelection last year, introducing her to his fellow congregants.

Really funny interview with Elizabeth May @ University of Saskatchewan

Devin Dubois interviews Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May.

This is the good news -- her ability to have fun while being interviewed.

Another BLOG from me: Federal Green Party.

I have renewed my membership, and have started to BLOG on the Green Party of Canada website. I had been non-partisan since 2001 when I started to move heavily into Digital Copyright issues, but have recently thought that it would not likely harm my work. I don't think party membership harms any of the other who are actively engaged in non-partisan issues. Many of my reasons for being so interested in the means of production, distribution and funding of knowledge being decentralized (opposition to DRM and media concentration, support for peer production and net neutrality) is integrated with the beliefs that bring me to the Green Party. You don't have to be a Green to support the decentralization of the knowledge economy, any more than you need to be a Conservative to want to reduce income taxes.

Green Party alarmed by recklessness of Bernier’s rush to deregulation

A Green Party press release from 5 April 2007 discloses the party position on Bernier's deregulation of local phone service. I'm looking for other party positions.

Green Party leader to take on Peter MacKay

According to the CTV, Green Party leader Elizabeth May has declared she plans to run in Central Nova, a riding currently held by Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter MacKay.

A Green Party press release Press Release includes:

“Of course we have done our research and if this was just about polling figures, then I would be returning to London to finish what I started in November, not coming to a Conservative Party stronghold to take on the son of Elmer Mackay,” she said.

“But in the end I had to follow my heart and my heart tells me two things: that I must run in Nova Scotia and that challenging a prominent member of the government will enable me to keep a strong focus on why Nova Scotia and Canada cannot afford another government led by Stephen Harper.”

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