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Elizabeth May and C-11

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, was the focus of attention for the debate at report stage of Bill C-11.  In her speech introducing amendments she spoke about why she introduced 18 amendments to the act.  It was also voting on each of these amendments that was taking the time yesterday during votes, and it was she that eventually "released the hostages" by allowing previous votes to apply to later motions.

Unlike other MPs and other parties, her amendments more closely reflected what Canadians said in consultations.   While there were other issues up for debate, such as educational copyright, the bulk of submissions and participation in the consultations were opposition to legal protection for "technological measures".  Given this, while she also addressed educational copyright, the bulk of her amendments addressed various aspects of technological measures.

Green Party C-11 Amendments

On March 30, 2012, Ms. May (MP for Saanich--Gulf Islands, Leader of the green Party) added a few motions to the Notice Paper, Report Stage of Bills.  I will offer my own quick comments on these motions in the hope that they are useful for the ongoing debate.

Discussing campaign finance and TV debate reform

A Winnipeg Free Press article discusses the race in Saanich--Gulf Islands. Candidates in this district include incumbent Hon. Gary Lunn who was previously Minister of Natural Resources, and leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May.

Although May is an opponent of nuclear power, Linda Keen said the Green leader's fair-minded approach makes her a preferable alternative to Gary Lunn, Keen's former boss and May's Conservative opponent in the Vancouver Island riding of Saanich-Gulf Island

While unrelated to technology law or nuclear power, I want to discuss and get feedback from this community on a few questions: Should Ms. May should be included in the television debates? What criteria we should use? What are your thoughts on campaign finance reform?

Green Party candidate briefing on Copyright

I have obtained permission to publish the full version of the Green Party of Canada candidate briefing on Copyright (PDF, OpenDocument). It is not intended to convey official party policy or a component of the platform, but inform candidates on an election issue.

The new media team at the Green Party Headquarters

(Also posted on p2pnet) A close friend of mine was hired to be part of the team at the National Office of the Green Party of Canada (204-396 Cooper St. in downtown Ottawa). He offered to give me a tour of the office as I was already going to be downtown.

By an interesting coincidence one of those new-media 'oops' events happened relating to a threat being sent from John Bennett, Director of Communications, to a blogger.

Canadian Federal General Election called for October 14

The by-elections are now being extended into a general election. As of the dissolving of this parliament the seat standing was as follows:

Conservatives 127
Liberal 95
Bloc 48
NDP 30
Green 1
Independent 3
Vacant 4.

Thoughts on my interview with GPC candidate Dan Grice

I posted to p2pnet some thoughts of my email interview with Dan Grice, the Green Party of Canada candidate for the riding of Vancouver Quadra.

Update: Dan Grice seems to have added additional comments to that article, which are worth a read.

Green Party on copyright: responses from Dan Grice (Vancouver Quadra candidate)

Last Saturday, independent MP Blair Wilson announced that he will be sitting as a member of the Green Party of Canada. This is historic as it is the first Green Party member in a federal legislature in one of those few countries still using the First Past the Post voting system.

The Green Party will be taken more seriously because they have as many seats as the Reform party did prior to the 1993 election. Prior to that election their only sitting member was Deborah Grey who won in a 1989 by-election. During this election the Reform party won 52 seats.

With this in mind, people have been asking to hear more about their positions on copyright and related issues.

Read the rest of this entry on IT World Canada's blog »

Greens unveil former Liberal as first MP

Blair Wilson of B.C.'s West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding crosses the floor to join the Green Party. Green Party press release

"Today we make history," said Ms. May. "I am grateful for Mr. Wilson's principled belief that the Green Party deserves a voice in Parliament and for his firm commitment to democracy. With a Green MP sitting in the House of Commons, it will now be impossible to exclude the Green Party from the televised leaders' debates in the next election."

Other reports: CTV, CBC

Ottawa-Vanier Green Party Candidate positions on tech issues

Julien Lamarche is a candidate to nominations for the Green Party of Canada in Ottawa-Vanier, and posted some information on his candidacy.

I have known Julien for many years. He's someone that has a technical background, and has spent time thinking about how governments regulate technology as well as how technology regulates our lives. Techies in this riding should help him get these issues onto the agenda during the upcoming federal election.

The consensus seems to be that an election will be happening soon, with three confidence issues soon: crime (c-2 ultimatum to Senate), budget, and Afghanistan (motion to yet again extend combat mission).

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