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Twilight on the Spanish Main: Is 'piracy' gone?

It's the pirate's sunset. The outbreak has been contained. Perhaps the industry has realized their mistake? How long will it take for our representatives in Parliament to get the memo?

Today, the head of the RIAA has declared that illegal downloading is "contained". The heads of the industry have now recognized that providing music on-line is a growing market (a 77% increase, this year). The rate of decline in CD sales seems to be much slower at 3%. I seem to recall that CDs were seeing the same rate of decline in previous years.

Prime Minister announces Parliamentary Secretaries

NEWS RELEASE: February 7, 2006, Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today the appointment of 26 new Parliamentary Secretaries to assist Ministers with their parliamentary duties.

“In the context of our smaller Cabinet, these Parliamentary Secretaries will take on a larger and more important role. They will be a key link between Ministers and Parliamentarians and will help ensure our relations with all Members of Parliament are effective and productive,” the Prime Minister said. “They are an important part of the team that will help implement the commitments we have made to Canadians.”

Conservative Cabinet sworn in


The Right Honourable Stephen Joseph Harper (Calgary Southwest)
Prime Minister of Canada

The Honourable Maxime Bernier (Beauce)
Minister of Industry

The Honourable Beverley J. Oda (Durham)
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women

The Honourable David Emerson (Vancouver Kingsway)
Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics

The Honourable John Baird (Ottawa West--Nepean)
President of the Treasury Board

The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay (Central Nova)
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Keith Fountain (Ottawa Centre, Conservative Party of Canada)

Mr. McOrmond,

Thank you for your very in depth letter concerning technology law. While I cannot claim to be an expert in this domain, I will do my best to answer the questionairre.


1. Copyright Law and Technical Protection Measures
Do you agree that we need legislation to protect Canadians from harmful technologies like the Sony-BMG rootkit DRM?


Industries should be forced to label all products which use DRM (or related technologies) in an obvious manner so that consumers are aware what will be install their system if they purchace the product. This would enhance consumer knowledge, which is important. Furthermore, it should not be legal for a content distributer to install software on consumers' hardware without asking for their consent (through an informative dialog).

What will the future hold? Post your thoughts on the election!

Reading the article about various "Arts groups" reinterpreting Bev Oda's words different ways makes me think about how there can equally be spin on our issues with each of the parties.

I will post my own thoughts on the parties that had seats in the last parliament, with the hope that people will add their own comments over the next day and offer their own thoughts.

While the Green party has consistently had the most interesting platform, the Canadian candidates don't have a Canadian record to look at. I see no evidence that any other party without seats in the last parliament has a chance this time, so as interesting as their ideas may be they won't be part of the "chosen 308".

Allan Cutler (Ottawa South,Conservative Party of Canada)

Thank you very much for your email on this important issue and I apologize for the delay in responding to you. As I am sure you can appreciate I am receiving over 100 phone calls and emails each day and I am doing my best to respond to everyone before election day.

On copyright in general, we believe that copyright legislation must create opportunities for Canadian creators to enjoy the fruits of their labour to the greatest possible extent; ensure that the rights of Canadian creators are adequately protected by law; that these rights are balanced with the opportunity for the public to use copyrighted works for teaching, researching and lifelong learning; to continue to allow an individual to make copies of sound recordings of musical works for that person's personal and individual use; and that enforcement is applied fairly and in accordance with international standards.

I'm not sure if this addresses your specific concern or not but hopefully it will be helpful. Thanks again for emailing.

Margaret Schwartzentruber (Nickel Belt, Conservative Party of Canada)

January 11, 2006

Dear Mr. McOrmond:

I am the Conservative Candidate for Nickel Belt (huge riding surrounding Sudbury in all directions).

I would love to be able to answer your questions but do not have enough time to really visit it at the moment.

My own occupation is Dairy Farmer (my son aged 23 operates the farm). This election is key to many/all Canadians who want justice and a balance of thinking in many areas.

Most of my constituents are tired of a corrupt government. As voters, most want to return to solid ethics. I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada is the only one with a vision and plan of action to place accountability for actions at the top of the priority list. Crime, family issues, lower taxes and tax fairness are some of the issues that affect all Canadians. Credibility and accountability rules will affect how we are all governed. Who is putting out the most favourable platform to protect your family? your business? and so on. Your issues are important .... sort of like trespassing and stealing (with all the rights seemingly favouring the perpetrator) become a victim and yes, it seems pretty difficult to get through to justice.

Laurie Hawn (Edmonton Centre, Conservative Party of Canada)

Hi Russell,

Sorry for the tardy reponse. As you might imagine, I'm geeting hundreds of e-mails and I try to get to them personally.

I'm afraid that you're asking questions in an area that I am unqualified to answer. I'm sure that this query has gone to other Conservative MPs or candidates who can offer a more qualified response.

Laurie Hawn

When I asked if I could post the above to the blog, she added:

Hi Russell,

I am open-minded and ready to be educated in any area where I lack expertise. You may post as you wish.


John Williams (Edmonton - St. Albert, Conservative party)

Dear Mr. McOrmond,

Thank you for your email requesting that we respond to your election survey.

We have found over the years that surveys tend to focus too specifically on individual issues and do not reflect the overall position of either our candidate or the Conservative Party. Therefore, as a matter of our local campaign policy, we do not respond to surveys of any kind.

Yours truly,

Scott Wilson
Campaign Manager
Campaign to Re-Elect John Williams, M.P.
Edmonton-St. Albert

Sam Goldstein (Trinity - Spadina, Conservative)

I thought Micheal Geist's column in the Star a day or so ago was excellent on Internet Issues.

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