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Bill C-61 letter from Pierre Poilievre (Nepean Carleton)

After meeting with Pierre Poilievre, M.P. for Nepean Carleton, a constituent received this very familiar looking letter. If other people have received similar letters, I am curious to hear your stories.

Dear <constituent name>

Thank you for your correspondence on this important issue. Your thoughts and ideas are important to me. I apologize for my delayed response.

Burnaby-Douglas MP Bill Siksay on Bill C-61

Burnaby-Douglas Link is a monthly publication produced by Hon. MP Bill Siksay's office and is sent to every household in the Burnaby-Douglas riding. On the front cover of Burnaby-Douglas Link's July 2008 issue (png image), MP Siksay discusses in length the negative impacts that Bill C-61 will bring upon Canadians and describes his position on the said bill. The following is a text copy.

Dear Friends,

As I write, Parliament has just recessed for the summer.

Conservative Copyright Bill C-61

Short URL for this page is !

This page is intended to be a launching point for people to learn about the Copyright Bill C-61 tabled by the Conservative Government on June 12, 2008.

There is quite a bit of misinformation about the contents of the bill, including from the Conservative government itself. The most important thing we can do is to try to learn the actual contents and meaning of the bill, and then to open a wide dialog with as many Canadians as possible. An important person to talk to is your neighbours, including your elected member of parliament and the potential candidates in the next election (and related riding associations). Write letters to the editor of local papers, and become someone known for being informed on the bill.

51'st State: It's US vs U.S. in the battle for Canadian Sovereignty

Gordon Duggan at Appropriation Art has published a comic (PDF) about Canadian Copyright revision. It is a classic battle of good vs. evil of comic proportions where the "Evil Emissaries of American Interests try to suppress the Fantastic Freedom of Expression Fighters".

The cast of characters is somehow familiar.

Evil Emissaries (Or just misinformed?): Harper, Bush, Prentice, Henderson, McTeague, Wilkins, Feinstein / Cronyn, Schwarzenegger, Glickman, Frith, Oda

Fantastic Freedom Fighters: Angus, Doctorow, Geist, Knopf, Murray, Page, McOrmond

Did you get any useful replies on Copyright from a Conservative MP?

I recently forwarded a message about Hamilton home-town hero Bob Young speaking out on Copyright to the Hamilton area MPs. I sent 4 letters, and received 1 reply from the 3 NDP MPs suggesting they had forwarded the letter to Charlie Angus, the NDP Spokesperson on Digital Issues.

From a staffer in Conservative MP David Sweet's office I received the common message that he can't comment on a bill that hasn't been tabled yet.

April Fools Order Paper

The order paper for Tuesday, April 1, 2008 still includes:

Introduction of Government Bills
No. 1
December 7, 2007 — The Minister of Industry — Bill entitled “An Act to amend the Copyright Act”.

Conservative copyright minister accused of breaching copyright law

A Canadian Press article goes into more details of the "piracy" by the Conservative party of Canada.

The comment from Michael Geist echoes my first thought, which is this incident should make clear to the Conservatives just how easy it is to infringe our currently excessively complex copyright laws. There is so much moral outrage about Copyright infringement that is often undeserving given the infringer often have no reasonable way to know that they are infringing. It demonstrates why "clarifying and simplifying the act" should be the primary and overall strategy of any future Copyright law revisions.

I hope that the party doesn't get special favors. I expect that this incident will be resolved quickly in a way that would be impossible for the private citizens the Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc want to target with even more complex and punitive copyright amendments.

Copyright tough guys, Tories face the music for using song

An interesting Ottawa Citizen story by Glen McGregor that suggests the Conservative party of Canada, with the full involvement of Industry Minister Jim Prentice, may be violating music copyright (seemingly of the composer, performer and maker).

This is far more common than people might realize. Copyright is highly complex, and it is quite likely the people putting this video together didn't realize they needed to do copyright clearance before distributing it to the media and implicitly authorizing them to broadcast it. This should remind us that those who are proposing radical changes to Copyright law simply do not understand this area of law. I'm still not convinced Minister Prentice has done more than read a few page briefing note on Copyright.

Throne speech clouds weather, other websites

Stephen Maher reports in The Halifax Herald reports about how many government websites are now actively promoting the Throne Speech. Is this new of this "previously known as New" Government, or has this been happening for a while? It's the first time I've personally seen it.

Meeting with James Rajotte (Conservative, Edmonton - Leduc), chair of Industry Committee.

I met this morning for about 70 minutes with James Rajotte. He initially indicated we had about 20 minutes, but I suspect the conversation was considered interesting enough that he decided to extend the time. We met the first time in the context of my intervention at Industry Committee in 2004 to discuss a bill about satelite television and competition.

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