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Video piracy statements in the house by Maka Kotto

A few people noticed the questions from Maka Kotto during Question Period. Gordon Duggan of the Appropriation Art coalition wrote the following letter, and received a "familiar" response.

Dear Mr Kotto

It is with great disappointment that I learned of your reckless comments in the house yesterday. Your position appears to be based on statistics from a campaign by the American film industry to support their own interests. These statistics are highly questionable and are akin to using tobacco industry statistics on cancer.

Another Bloc MP promoting US special interests..

Please read the following (Link to Hansard) from May 16, 2007. This is in addition to other comments this week from Bloc MPs promoting the primarily US-authored (and US benefitting) 1996 WIPO treaties.

Ms. Paule Brunelle (Trois-Rivières, BQ):

Mr. Speaker, after listening to my colleague's speech, I understand that the Liberals will be in favour of Bill C-47, because they have a good understanding of how important it is to provide adequate funding for these Olympic Games, even more so because my colleague is a member from Vancouver.

We can see how quickly the government wants to adopt Bill C-47. But it seems to me that the government is much slower to react to the phenomena of counterfeiting and intellectual property crime, which have increased considerably in Canada.

What does my colleague think about the Conservative government's slow reaction when it comes to intellectual property, whether in connection with films, the manufacturing sector or whatever?

Response to comment about Question Time

In response to Maka Kotto's question in parliament, in which he asked about the WIPO treaties that he said we ratified in 1996, I sent him an email and got a response from his office.

BTW, if anyone can translate the response, please do so. I get the gist of it, but my French is pretty awful.

My email :

What will the future hold? Post your thoughts on the election!

Reading the article about various "Arts groups" reinterpreting Bev Oda's words different ways makes me think about how there can equally be spin on our issues with each of the parties.

I will post my own thoughts on the parties that had seats in the last parliament, with the hope that people will add their own comments over the next day and offer their own thoughts.

While the Green party has consistently had the most interesting platform, the Canadian candidates don't have a Canadian record to look at. I see no evidence that any other party without seats in the last parliament has a chance this time, so as interesting as their ideas may be they won't be part of the "chosen 308".

Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) gets some answers to election questions

The future of this country lies with our children and youth. That is why the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) has identified key issues that have an impact on the challenges faced, on a daily basis, by teachers in their efforts to meet the diverse and growing range of children's needs.

See Federal Election page on CTF website. They have a page focused on copyright, and a PDF of their questions and some party replies.

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