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Drupal version upgraded to 4.6.6

Security updates in Drupal 4.6.6 were applied to the Digital Copyright Canada site.

Postal codes by federal ridings (2003 representation order) file (PCFRF) tools

I have had a few people ask about it, so I decided to publish the tools I created. If you use this, please let me know and please send any enhancements.

Please also consider lobbying the government to fix the fact that this database is excessively expensive rather than it being free and shareable.

See the CivicSpace posting (Link no longer works -- text copied below) for details.

Download tools (updated periodically - Most recently September 16, 2008):

Upgraded site to Drupal 4.6.3

I have upgraded the main site to the latest version of Drupal. If you notice any problems, please let me know.

How to improve this website?

I am told when people come to the site that they can't immediately figure out where things are.

I am wondering if the addition of the "About this Site" page helps? Can things be worded better? Are all the options along the right-side of the page too busy?

Any help appreciated. I'm a low-level technical guy and a high-level policy guy. Website design is not something I am good at.

Adding MPs to database, fix to drupal module.

I am adding MP references from the parliamentary internet site to our database. While doing so I noticed that the MP links were getting chopped when you did a full list of a province. This required a patch to the drupal taxonomy_context module.

Members of new House of Commons / postal code lookup not working

I just wanted to provide a link to the parliament elected June 28, which is available via the Library of Parliament.

Electoral District Lookup fixed (PHP developer help appreciated)

The Electoral District lookup tool on this site is based on the FLOSS project at . It was pointing to the lookup service at

After noticing that the lookups were no longer working I updated to point this service to the new lookup on elections Canada at

Lookup seems to work well.

Good PHP developers who wish to help this campaign are invited to join the SourceForge project and participate. Alternatively, there are some feature updates to Drupal that would be very appreciated.

Electoral District lookup not working (Elections Canada)

Our postal code lookup system is actually built on top of the Elections Canada website. When you type in a postal code we don't have cached it goes to the postal code lookup there.

Unfortunately the website is down at the moment, and thus our lookup isn't working. Until it is working again you can still find your electoral district by finding it in the full list of forums.

Site volunteers and administration

This forum is used to discuss the website itself among site volunteers.

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