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Today is World IPv6 Day

Today is World IPv6 Day. I had plans to have this site IPv6 ready by today, but this didn't manage to happen. I do hope all the worldwide tests go well, and we can soon move forward.

I still plan to be IPv6 enabled by the end of the summer, even if I didn't manage to meet this deadline on my volunteer services.

Update: Great auto-responder at @IPv6fail.

Jesse's Search Engine, and this BLOG being quiet...

I'm going to link two seemingly unrelated things. First, check out the last episode of CBC's Search Engine where Jesse Brown and Michael Geist discuss how the Obama administration has embarrassed itself by elevating Canada to their priority watchlist for Copyright. By any objective fact-based analysis Canada shouldn't be on the list at all, and yet this unsubstantiated lobbiest document from the Obama administration unfairly puts Canada in the company of countries that are a real problem to the economic interests of the US "Intellectual Property" lobby. Not Change we can believe in, but Change for the worse?

Then check out an interview between Jesse and Mike Miner about TVO's Search Engine.

OpenID now able to be used on this site.

I have enabled the OpenID module for this site. This does not remove the need to have an account on this site, but it does remove the need to remember a unique password for this site, and allows more advanced authentication features of an OpenID provider to be used here (IE: smart cards, etc).

If you already have an account, log in as you would normally and click on "my account". There is now a new tab called "OpenID Identities". Add in your OpenID identities you wish to use on this site.

Volunteer time shuffling

As I watch the new cabinet being sworn in, I wanted to let people know about a shuffle in my own time. I have taken on a more full-time contract with a government department that will mean I will have far less volunteer time for policy work than I did in the past. I have some time flexibility to allow for time to speak with MPs, committee's, or other forums (IE: I will be at LabourTech next weekend).

I am looking for some help on this site.

Site Admin: upgraded to Drupal 5.11

I have upgraded this site to use Drupal version 5.11. I plan to upgrade to version 6.5, but want to wait a few days to see if there are problems before making the next jump.

A few features I want to enable: OpenID logins, and email notifications for comments. This will allow for much wider participation in the comments as topic-specific discussion threads.

Updated Election2008 candidates list shows elected MPs

I have updated the Election 2008 Candidates list to show the elected MPs, with two new lists: list of elected MPs, and list of rookie MPs. I do not know when the parliamentary information site will offer MP contact information, so don't know when that information will be updated.

Updated Election2008 candidates list shows Copyright Pledge

I have updated the Election 2008 Candidates list page to show which candidates took Michael Geist's Copyright Pledge.

Temporary unavailability of this site

This site was unreliable to access since the afternoon of May 28. Please see the status page for details on why. The short answer is that Storm, my ISP, had technical problems which caused outage for all their customers using the type of connection I am using.

Drupal 4.7.6 installed

The software for this site was upgraded to Drupal version 4.7.6, from a much older 4.6.x version. Please inform me if you see any problems.

Theme problem with this site

I have upgraded some of the software on the server that hosts this website. Unfortunately some of the older software is incompatable with the version of Drupal I am using.

If you have experience with Drupal 4.7 themes, I am interested in creating a better theme for this site than we have used in the past.

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