Signatures received for the petition for Users' Rights

Total tabled in parliament: 1611
Total collected (Counted as of Feb 29, 2012): 2849

Note: If you want any special notice added in the comment for the signatures you send, please let the person you are sending them to know. It should not be attached to the signatures, but on a separate paper.

If you are sending signatures directly to your MP (If you collected more than 25), then please let us know so that we can keep this table updated. We want to ensure that we link to any MPs that table signatures, including quoting from the Hansard.

72from the Ottawa Linux Symposium
5from Vancouver (by mail)
45from Lion's Bay (by mail)
7from Langley (by mail)
1from BCIT
1from Cassidy (by mail)
6from North Vancouver (by mail)
13at my office
154received by Chris Brand in Burnaby, B.C.

187 signatures sent to Peter Julian on Feb 22, 2005, tabled April 7

2Brockville, Ontario (via mail)
4Toronto @ KMDI conference Open Source and Free Software: Concepts, Controversies and Solutions
21Toronto @ Red Orkestra CD launch - Fading Ways Music
2Kingston, Ontario (via mail)
27(2 sides of page) - Toronto, Ontario (via mail)
11Winnipeg, Manitoba (via mail)
9University of Ottawa (CIPPIC and others)
6Great Glebe Garage Sale
28Mostly from the University of Waterloo (via Matthew Skala)
35Winnipeg, Manitoba (care of Jem Berkes)
2Ottawa, Ontario (Can't read names...)
1Toronto, Ontario (Can't read names...)
9Toronto, Ontario (Neil Layton)
17Montreal, Quebec (A. Marles)
9London, Ontario (petition was its own envelope)
2Ottawa, Ontario (M. Rivet)
19Calgary, Alberta (B Wuth)
10Ottawa, Alberta (Keppel-Jones)
2Baysville, Ontario
45Winnipeg, Manitoba (Jem Berkes Thanks!)
3Warburg, Alberta - Vaillant Recordings
11Ottawa, Ontario (OCLUG meeting)
5Manotick, Ontario
1Markdale, Ontario
1Toronto, Ontario
1Guelph, Ontario (Robert)
18Kitchener, Ontario - Special thanks to Kurt Frey who took the extra time to type out the names legably on a separate page he sent to me!
28Toronto and area, Ontario - Via Fading Ways.
7Winnipeg, Manitoba (Mr. Lange)
1Boucherville, Quebec (Riding of Verchères--Les Patriotes)
26Toronto/Mississauga/Scarbourough, Ontario (Via Fading Ways)
12Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario (Via Fading Ways)
2 Winnipeg, Manitoba (University of Manitoba)
132Nanaimo, BC (E. Hedekar)
6Surrey, BC (G. Tiernan)
6Winnipeg, MB (J. Berkes)
12 Brockville, ON (C.J. Williams)
39 Montreal, Quebec (3 pages sent Jan 14, 2005...)
5 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (Zimmer)
2 Ottawa, Ontario (OCLUG April 5, 2005)
583received in Ottawa by Russell McOrmond

583 signatures sent to David McGuinty on April 6, 2005, tabled on May 6, and given Petition No. 381-1037. We received a reply on Friday November 25 from Mr. McGuinty's office. This reply was signed by the Minister of Industry on June 6, 2005. We do not know why there was a delay of over 5 months.

1 Victoria
9 Campbell River
7 Simon Fraser University
1 Olds, Alberta
10 Vancouver
6 Burnaby
17 Surrey, BC
2 Vancouver
53with Chris Brand in BC

53 signatures tabled by Peter Julian on November 24, 2005

3 Ottawa, Ontario (OCLUG)
19Ottawa, Ontario (Lamarche)
3Waterloo, Ontario (New Hampshire St.)
2Markum/Brampton, Ontario
11Ottawa, Ontario (Fayed)
2Toronto, Ontario (Gotlieb)
3Edmonton, Alterta
1Victoria, BC
9 Vancouber, BC
15 Whitby/Ajax/Toronto/Oshawa, Ontario
1 Brampton, Ontario
1 Ottawa, Ontario
1 Waterloo, Ontario
7 Ottawa, Ontario ( Thanks! )
1 Toronto, Ontario
7 Sackville/Bedford, Nova Scotia
77 Grand Falls-Windsor/Botwood, Newfoundland
1 Burnaby, BC
20 Kitchener/London, Ontario (J. Nahwegahbow says "Good Luck")
3 Gloucester/Ottawa, Ontario
1 Calgary, Alberta
9 Gore/Montreal/Hudson, Quebec
1 Toronto, Ontario
4 Vancouver, BC
8Edmonton, Alberta
5 Calgary, Alberta ("Calgary Centre")
10Rock Forest/Waterville/Sherbrooke, Quebec (D. Charron, "Compton--Stanstead")
4Vancouver, BC (Hilighted "We further call upon Parliament not to extend the term of copyright; and to recognize the right of citizens to personally control their own communication devices.")
16 Vancouver, BC
5 Edmonton, Alberta
10 Waterloo/Sarnia/Toronto/Ottawa, Ontario
10 Vernon, BC (Progressive Solutions)
19 Peterborough, Ontario
6 North York/Pickering/Milton, Ontario
12 Montreal/St-Hubert, Quebec
7 Chicoutimi/Jonguière, Quebec
6 Toronto, Ontario
9 Vancouver, BC
11Saskatoon, SK
14Edmonton, Alberta
19Montreal, Quebec -- Sent by Nicholas Ritoux along with 2 articles he wrote on the topic for La Presse
1From riding of Bruce--Grey--Owen Sound, Ontario (postal code lookup)
14Nepean, Ontario (bjb)
4Regina, SK (J. Nickel)
1Powel River, BC (N. Maxey)
1Timmins, Ontario
11Edmonton, Alberta
2Calgary, Alberta
6Ottawa, Ontario
1Ottawa, Ontario
2Ottawa/Nepean, Ontario
11Vancouver/Richmond/Burnaby, BC
24Scarbourough/Richmond Hill/Newmarket/Toronto, Ontario (2 pages from A. Suessmuth)
1Toronto, Ontario
19Toronto, Ontario (G.T.C.C.)
9Shawinigan, Quebec
2Ottawa, Ontario
7Winnipeg, Manitoba
3Brampton, Ontario
2Owen Sounds/Guelph, Ontario
7Halifax, Nova Scotia ("Concerned Citizens of Halifax, Nova Scotia") was the return address on envelope
1Calgary, Alberta
502Envelope: received in Ottawa by Russell McOrmond
502 signatures dropped off at Edmonton--Leduc MP James Rajotte's parliamentary office on October 27, 2005. Tabled in the house on April 25, 2006.

2Toronto, Ontario
1Gatineau, Quebec
1Scherbrooke, Quebec
12Lasalle/Longueil/Montreal, Quebec
3Winnipeg, Manitoba
2Edmonton, Alberta
6Saint-Laurent/Quebec, Quebec
9Ottawa/Sudbury/Powassan, Ontario (Friends/Family of RWM)
1St Lamgert, Quebec
13Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
50Collected in Montreal at Mc# Free Media Lab and Fileshare Party (May 5-8, 2005). Signatures from Quebec, BC, Ontario, etc
2Montreal, QC/Ottawa, Ontario (from OLS)
10Ottawa, Ontario
21Winnipeg, Manitoba (Wednesday evening event launch for OpenCity 2005
37Winnipeg, Manitoba (Saturday evening concert at OpenCity 2005
7Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canadian Mennonite University)
7Québec, Québec (Received from La Bibliothèque de l'Assemblée nationale)
4Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec
1Ajax, Ontario
11Ottawa, Ontario (Merivale Road)
200Envelope: received in Ottawa by Russell McOrmond
200 signatures dropped off at Timmins--James Bay MP Charlie Angus' parliamentary office on October 27, 2005.

2Vancouver, BC (Envelope from ABALL Software)
4Vancouver, BC (Rosenbluth)
12New-Westminster,Surry,Vancouver, BC (3 pages)
8Waterloo, Ontario
3Ottawa/Sudbury, Ontario
8Orleans, Ontario
9Ottawa, Ontario (Open Source Weekend)
46received in Ottawa by Russell McOrmond
46 signatures dropped off at Timmins--James Bay MP Charlie Angus' parliamentary office on May 17, 2006. Petitions tabled on November 2, 2006.

87Colleced in Calgary by Brett Wuth at a talk by Richard Stallman in Calgary on May 18th, 2005 : The Danger of Software Patents.
87Envelope: received in Ottawa by Russell McOrmond
87 signatures dropped off at Calgary Northeast MP Art Hanger on December 11, 2006, tabled on Februay 21, 2007.

12Prince George, BC
10Vancouver, BC
2Vancouver, BC
2North Vancouverr, BC
26with Chris Brand in BC
34 signatures handed to Peter Julian on May 11, 2007

5Calgary & Ottawa Ottawa Linux Symposium
12Toronto, Ontario (Postmark 060513)
0Canmore, Alberta (Postmark 060809) -- Petition was printed and mailed, but not signed -- please resend!
12Montreal, Quebec (FACIL monthly presentation for August 2006)
3Toronto, Ontario (Collected at CopyCamp)
10Ottawa, Ontario (GOSLING)
13Montreal, Quebec (Association des Étudiants et Étudiantes aux Études Supérieures du DIRO, as they endorsed the petition at their general assembly on September 13, 2006. The envelope also contained a letter from their organization to their MP in the riding of Outremont
12Beaconsfield Library, Quebec
8Calgary, Alberta
8Ottawa, Ontario
2Newmarket, Ontario (Dynamicro consulting)
1Toronto, Ontario
2Kitchener, Ontario
1Toronto, Ontario
4Hamilton, Ontario
15Summerland, BC (The Source dealer, Summerland Electronics Inc.)
10Toronto/Scarborough, Ontario
15Carp/Nepean/Kanata/Stittsville/Ottawa, Ontario
7Dartmouth/Halifax, Nova Scotia
10Ottawa, Ontario (BarCamp Ottawa 3 on March 31, 2007)
9Ottawa, Ontario (McLaren)
6Toronto, Ontario
10BC, Alberta (2007 Alberta Association of Library Technicians conference)
3f,5eMontreal, QC
12Toronto, Ontario (2007 Ontario Linux Fest)
195received in Ottawa by Russell McOrmond
Signatures handed to James Rajotte during a meeting on October 18, 2007

4Dorchester, Ontario
3Lethbridge, Alberta
4fBrossard, Quebec
1Toronto, Ontario
28Winnipeg, Manitoba
15Calgary, Alberta
1Ottawa, Ontario
30Toronto/Mississauga/Ajax/Oakville, Ontario
1fMississauga, Ontario
1Toronto, Ontario
1Victoria, BC
2Montreal, Quebec
8Ottawa, Ontario
4Windsor, Ontario
3fMontreal, Quebec
16Vancouver/Burnaby, BC
3St. John's, Newfoundland
1Calgary, Alberta
10Waterloo, Ontario (Netdirect open solutions)
4Victoria, BC
4St. Catherines, Ontario
2Victoria, BC
1Edmonton, Alberta (Company's Coming Cookbooks)
1Ottawa, Ontario
15Waterloo, Ontario
9Ottawa/Gloucester, Ontario
1Guigues, Quebec
7Winnipeg, Manitoba
1Surrey, BC
1Montreal, Quebec
4Oshawa/Nestleton, Ontario
10Calgary, Alberta
3Ottawa, Ontario (dropped off in my home mailbox)
199received by Russell McOrmond in Ottawa, ON
Signatures tabled by Charlie Angus on September 23, 2010.

285 signatures collected by Julie Federman (Etobicoke School of the Arts)
Given to Carolyn Bennett, member for St. Paul's on May 1, 2005, to be tabled by Marlene Catterall, past member for Ottawa West--Nepean. Ms. Catterall's office did not receive petitions, nor do the people in Ms. Bennett's parliamentary office know about them. They were handed to Ms. Bennett directly and after Ms. Federman spoke with the constituency office many times she was forced to give up.

90 signatures collected in the Scarborough-Guildwood riding by P. Whittam.

138 signatures in Montreal with Robin Millette

35 signatures dropped off by Yannick Gingras on July 10 with Gilles Duceppe's office

200 signatures in Winnipeg with Sydney Weidman, chair of OpenCity 2005 board.

1Guigues, Quebec
2Cambridge, Ontario
1Vancouver, BC
5Kanata/Ottawa, ON
7Ottawa/Osgood/Bourget, ON
2Ottawa, ON
18received by Russell McOrmond in Ottawa, ON

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