Signatures received for the Petition to protect Information Technology property rights

Total tabled in parliament: 360
Total collected (Counted as of Feb 29, 2012): 406

Note: If you want any special notice added in the comment for the signatures you send, please let the person you are sending them to know. It should not be attached to the signatures, but on a separate paper.

If you are sending signatures directly to your MP (If you collected more than 25), then please let us know so that we can keep this table updated. We want to ensure that we link to any MPs that table signatures, including quoting from the Hansard.

22Ottawa Linux Symposium
1Canmore, Alberta
8Montreal, Quebec (FACIL monthly presentation for August 2006)
17Ottawa/Toronto, Ontario (Collected by RWM at various events)
3London, Ontario
8Ottawa, Ontario
2Newmarket, Ontario (Dynamicro consulting)
1Toronto, Ontario
1Kingston, Ontario
2Kitchener, Ontario
3Toronto, Ontario
1Edmonton, Alberta
2Toronto, Ontario
71received by Russell McOrmond in Ottawa, ON
Dropped off with an assistant for Charlie Angus on March 6, 2007. Tabled on March 28, 2007.

4Hamilton, Ontario
5Kelowna, BC
2Edmonton, Alberta
15Summerland, BC (The Source dealer, Summerland Electronics Inc.)
18Ottawa, Ontario (Xandros engineers in Ottawa)
10Toronto/Scarborough, Ontario
5Ottawa/Kanata, Ontario
5Fort St. James/Pr. George, BC
12Toronto/Brampton/Mississauga, Ontario
16 FLongueuil/St-Hubert/Brossard, Quebec
14Carp/Nepean/Kanata/Ottawa, Ontario
8Dartmouth/Halifax, Nova Scotia
12Ottawa, Ontario (BarCamp Ottawa 3 on March 31, 2007)
9Ottawa, Ontario (McLaren)
2Calgary, Alberta
6fMontreal, Quebec
11Toronto, Ontario (2007 Ontario Linux Fest)
154received by Russell McOrmond in Ottawa, ON
Signatures handed to James Rajotte during a meeting on October 18, 2007

3Lethbridge, Alberta
1Toronto, Ontario
28Winnipeg, Manitoba
15Calgary, Alberta
1Ottawa, Ontario
3fMontreal, Quebec
3St. John's, Newfoundland
1Calgary, Alberta
19Toronto/Richmond Hill/Whitby/Mississauga, Ontario
1fOttawa, Ontario
9Ottawa/Goucester, Ontario
12Waterloo, Ontario
15Denman Island, BC
1Midland, Ontario
4Oshawa/Nestleton, Ontario
6Winnipeg, Manitoba
10Calgary, Alberta
3Ottawa, Ontario (dropped off in my home mailbox)
135received by Russell McOrmond in Ottawa, ON
Signatures tabled by Charlie Angus on September 23, 2010.

1Guigues, Quebec
2Cambridge, Ontario
16Ajax/Scarborough/Toronto, Ontario
1Vancouver, BC
5Ottawa/Kanata, ON
8Ottawa/Bourgeton/Vars, ON
2Ottawa, ON
35received by Russell McOrmond in Ottawa, ON

11Vancouver, BC
11with Chris Brand in BC

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