Signatures received for the Petition opposing ACTA

Total tabled in parliament: 0
Total collected (Counted as of Feb 29, 2012): 20

Note: If you want any special notice added in the comment for the signatures you send, please let the person you are sending them to know. It should not be attached to the signatures, but on a separate paper.

If you are sending signatures directly to your MP (If you collected more than 25), then please let us know so that we can keep this table updated. We want to ensure that we link to any MPs that table signatures, including quoting from the Hansard.

1 Ottawa, Ontario
15 Vancouver/Port Moody/Buirnaby, BC (Collected by the Vancouver Fair Copyright Coalition VFCC)
2 Cambridge, Ontario
1 Guigues, Quebec
1 Vancouver, BC
6 Ottawa/Osgood/Bourget, ON
26received in Ottawa by Russell McOrmond

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