Petition opposing ACTA, the dishonestly labelled Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

We have other petitions we are sending to the Canadian parliament. Please print and sign all of them.
We currently have text for a petition, and are looking for feedback and people to help get signatures. Please join the discussion in the mailing list. Even though we never officially launched this petition, signatures have been collected which will be tabled in the House of Commons.

Please print and sign the following!

The text of the petition is available in English (PDF)/ English (OpenDocument)

French translation to come (volunteers?)

The final ACTA text includes legal protection for technical protection measures (TPMs), so please sign that petition as well. That page is also a good place to learn more details on why these petitions are formed the way they are, why they are paper, and what parliamentary processes we are adhering to.

There is an ongoing consultation by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, which you should consider sending a submission to.

How many signatures have been received? Did you receive my signature?

We have a separate page that gives a count and some details of the signatures received for the petition. This includes which signatures have been collected and which have been tabled in parliament.