Wired: Copyright Crusaders Hit Schools

For the third year in a row, software companies are supplying schools with materials that promote their antipiracy position on copyright law. But for the first time this year, the library association is presenting its own material, hoping to give kids a more balanced view of copyright law.

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See also: “Make it legal: don't litigate, use creative licensing” campaign:

Open-ILS.org: Library softwre by librararians for librarians...

From the Open-ILS.org FAQ:

2. Why did we decide on the open source software model?

We decided on open source for our development model for both pragmatic and philosophical reasons. The open source community is a natural ally of the library community. Both try to enrich their members through sharing and disseminating knowledge, and both are open to everyone, private or public, commercial or non-commercial.

Software Freedom Day: August 28, 2004

On August 28, 2004, we will celebrate the first annual Software Freedom Day. On that day, we will make the world aware of the virtues of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and encourage its widespread use.

This is a global grassroots marketing campaign in which we are inviting volunteers from around the world to participate.

See also: PR: TheOpenCD 1.4.1 Released--Software Freedom Day Special Edition

A blueprint for better copyright

Imagine an Ontario government initiative that responded to rising concern over speeding on provincial highways by installing hundreds of automated radar guns to identify cars that failed to obey the speed limit. Rather than sending a speeding ticket to those caught by the system, however, the government instead sent a bailiff to confiscate the car keys

Full article by Michael Geist in Toronto Star...

OpenCity FreedomFest (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

OpenCity FreedomFest is a freeform festival celebrating free culture, indy politics and Open Source Software.

It takes place August 20-22 in Winnipeg's Exchange District. It's about an uprising and convergence of social innovation, cultural innovation, and technological innovation, celebrating unmediated interaction.

This event is sponsored by the Prairie Linux User Group http://www.plug.ca

See: OpenCity FreedomFest post to CanOpenER.ca.

SPARC Open Access Newsletter and Discussion Forum

Peter Suber offers a great newsletter and forum for Open Access.

I was forwarded a copy of the Aug 2 issue which included references to movements within the UK and US governments to support (or mandate) Open Access for government funded research. This logic can extend to all forms of research funded by governments, as well as to things such as government created software.

Canada's CIO branch offers position on Open Source Software

A document part of the Federated Architecture Program documents the position on Open Source Software.

Existing Canadian federal legislation, agreements and policies accommodate a wide variety of business models for public sector software acquisition, use, production and distribution. Accordingly, software solutions used in the Government of Canada come under many license types, including certified "open source" or "free/libre" software licenses.

CIPPIC replies: Russell McOrmond (Webmaster for Digital-copyright.ca)

I was not a candidate in the previous election, but I believe it would be useful for people actively involved in technology law issues to offer their own thoughts on the questions for parties and candidates from the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC).

Supreme Court rules that ISPs don't have to pay music royalties

The court ruled 9-0 that companies providing wide access to the web are merely "intermediaries" who are not bound by federal copyright legislation.

How did past members of important committees do?

I did a quick lookup of the new list of MPs for those races for past members of Heritage Committee and members of Industry Committee.

Past Heritage Minister Honourable Hélène Chalifour Scherrer, Liberal candidate for Louis-Hébert, lost her seat to Roger Clavet of the Bloc Québécois.

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