Music in Canada Coalition

While I don't yet have a website address for Music in Canada, I wanted to create an article where we can post all the links I can find about them. There is a huge educational campaign needed of the musician members who are being duped by the misleading policy suggestions of the big-label recording industry associations.

* DCC forum: Music in Canada Coalition / Heritage meeting

* Response from Neil Leyton (Singer/songwriter, Indy label) of Fading Ways . Letter also published on his fan BBS.

* P2PNet: Big Music lobbies Cdn parliament

* CTV: Musicians call for an update on copyright law

* Blue Rodeo fan BBS: Jim Cuddy lobbying with recording industry?

* Jully Black's fan BBS: Music in Canada Coalition?

* Ottawa Sun: United front steps up to MIC

* Rockers sing the copyright blues

** A letter to the editor in reply..

* CBC: Musicians take their act to Parliament Hill
** Letter to the editor

There is a CP article that has been published a few times: Please read the forum for suggestions on where to send letters to the editor.

* Macleans: Musicians demand Ottawa protect them from music piracy

* Musicians demand Ottawa protect them from music piracy

* The (BC) Province: Musicians demand feds protect them from music piracy
** Letter to the Editor by Chris Brand

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canadian solutions

Minstrels and Jesters were paid for their gig and that was that. There was no recording industry. Seemed like a fair trade. Eveyone went home happy.

When a carpenter pounds a nail into the wall stud. He doesn't get residual payments for as long as the wall holds and he's a live. And when you remember a joke and pass it on to someone and they laugh, you don't send a dime to the clown you told it to you.

The recent levies are a pretty silly solution. Who dreams this stuff up? The Copyright board penalizes an independant artist and charges him an extra 21 cents copy fee for copying his own music and then give the 21 cents to a recording executive who won't even answer the artist's phone calls. And this is justified because some senator's daughter might be burning a rolling stones cd in her bedroom. Out of that 28 million that they took in in the first 2 years, only 4 of it has found it's way back out the door (and not likely where it should be....i never received a refund)

This whole Copyright concept was ill conceived from day 1. Perhaps some degree of control/cooperation was required for a new industry. Obviously, it just wasn't well seeded with quality folks.

Well the seed has turned into a flower and the blossom has long ago bloomed and now it's looking more brown and ugly like an old piece of leather. It should be thrown out like anything else that has turned.

I have written software, a lot of it, had it copied, I've produced a few CDs and had them copied. I have ideas everyday. None of which I had created solely by myself. Sure, I wrote the code, I wrote the lyrics, but inspiration comes from many sources, not just within. I learned stuff from school (not much but enough to get by), from watching what not to do and doing the opposite. These are deductions and not mine to own.

You can argue this issue, if you will, and you can build e-walls and add levies till the cows come home, but technology will find a way to red flag you again that there should be a change in our thinking. Stop ignoring these technology red flags.

The fact that some artists material is sought and purchased while another's lies dormant in the trunk of a car, doesn't change the quality of the artist or the work. The VALUE is in the advertising and layers of yes men/women. Perhaps the board or record industry can copyright that element, it's the financial. Music should be about the artist and the performance, not the financial difference. Let's start paying artists accordingly. The CD is dead and the DVD is fatally wounded. It's time to move on.

BTW: I've bought a few of Tom's CDs. I liked them. I've also heard better performances in local bars for less than the price of his CD. Record executives need profits to pay themselves, not the artists. Artists actually have talent and can play an instrument. They don't need this bulky layer anymore...they should dump it. When sSAT radio starts coming on strong, who will need a CD. Now we're back to one source of music by those in control and the artist in your family will still have to borrow $20 from you till the next gig.

How long do you think society can justify million dollar hockey players and 20 million dollar actors. These people may have a talent, but honestly it certainly isn't nearly as important as a mother weening a child and they certainly are not making that kind of revenue, or our familiy wouldn't be wealthy.

Talent should be compenstated for the performance, not the recording of it. However, under current costs of living and gig rates, they will all CONTINUE to starve.

However, it would appear that technology not only has created a problem (CD-MP3-DVD Burners), it has also created a solution. A way back to the reality of music and artistic expression and this time it doesn't have to include 2 or 3 layers of suits. PPV Video broadcast on the Net can pay real artists their real fair share to a wider audience at the Indie level. We're taking a NON Canadian approach and by passing the meeting stage process and we're going direct to just doing it.