The DMCA (AKA: Lehman report, 1996 WIPO, C-60) vs The Darknet

A new paper by Fred von Lohmann, senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has been released. It is also republished on p2pnet and likely on other sites as well.

I sent a letter to Heritage and Industry parliamentary committee members about the paper. The summary of the paper is pretty important for the analysis of Bill C-60.


It is time to reconsider the wisdom of relying on legal protections for TPMs to address the challenges posed by digital technologies for the copyright industries. Countries that have not yet embarked down this path should refrain from doing so. Policy-makers in the United States, meanwhile, should give serious consideration to repealing the anticircumvention provisions of the DMCA in favor of allowing a new solution to the digital crisis - preferably, one that works.