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May 12, 2005

The ex-Conservative candidate in Richmond - Arthabaska slams the door.
The new Conservative Party of Canada already not so clean

DANVILLE (QUEBEC) “ I hardly understand that a Party which tries, at any price, to overturn the Government, is not even able of organizing an assembly of regional investiture ”. It is in these terms that the ex-candidate (June, 2004) of the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of Richmond Arthabaska in Québec, announced that he opt out completely of the running for the candidacy that must take place on Saturday on May 14th. Poissant also announced officially his resignation as member of the Conservative Party of Canada and functions, which he occupied in the board of director.

Several motivations encouraged Pierre Poissant to make this decision. Among these aggravating, lets note the fact that at few hours only of the investiture, the members have still not received the official invitation to participate and vote in this investiture, that in spite of all the efforts and uninterrupted pressures by Mr. Michel Plourde, president of the local riding’s association, Candidates did not have on hand official membership list (as of May 10th) and fact that the assembly of investiture will be held outside the riding of Richmond Arthabaska, in the city of Princeville what, according to him, would favor a candidate particularly.

“ When I examine the situation coldly, I note that the struggle for the investiture in the riding seems to me anomalous. We have a candidate, who succeeded well in the last elections in another riding, and who had of give up his place, where from its emergence in the riding of Richmond Arthabaska. We have a candidate who is completely unknown in the riding and who appeared suddenly to last autumn, took a membership card and declares herself candidate to investiture. Since than, this potential candidate completely disappeared from the riding, not even being even available for meetings telling herself occupied outside the riding and suddenly comes back, on the eve of investiture, with the official support of Stockwell Day and Jason Kenney. This bugs me very much and I am seriously questioning the democracy in the Conservative Party of Canada.“

In an interview that was published last 8 of May in the newspaper La Nouvelle de Victoriaville*, Mrs. Leclerc declared “… that it would have been simpler for her to be name directly candidate in a riding instead of Richmond-Arthabaska where she have to battle for an investiture ... ” (free translation). In the same article, we read that, “ Mrs. Leclerc works in Ottawa, as parliamentary trainee, in the office of the conservative deputy of Calgary-southeast, Jason Kenney, the neighboring door of the office of the party leader Stephen Harper,…. “ Because of her functions, did she had access to members' lists, internal opinion polls, and other documents since the beginning?

“ During the last elections, I heard one of the key organizers of the Conservative Party, to say that his only mission was to have candidates in all the ridings. I wonder today, if the purposeful target by the party indeed was to win or simply to be present? Is it the same this year? ” to add Poissant.

In a political context as we find one those days, why isn’t the Conservative Party at the head in the opinion polls? Why is the chief so discreet in Quebec? Why is the Conservative Party less active in Quebec than elsewhere in Canada and by doing so leave the field wide open for the Block in Quebec? Is there some kind of secret agreement between parties, and if so, I wonder how Harper as a Prime Minister, if he wins the next election, will control M Duceppe and his party? I question myself and cannot find a logical answer, so I prefer leaving the boat. Perhaps André Bachand had understood more quickly than Me.” to conclude Poissant.


May 12th, 05
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