Linux programmer wins legal victory

This article by Stephen Shankland, Staff Writer, CNET includes:

A Linux programmer has reported a legal victory in Germany in enforcing the General Public License, which governs countless projects in the free and open-source software realms.

It is important to realize that this copyright holder must be able to legally circumvent so-called "technological protection measures" (TPM) which are being used by copyright infringers to obfuscate their infringement. Policy makers to realize that legal protection for TPM will harm creators as circumvention is required to collect evidence of infringement.

Without access to the underlying source code, Welte often has to work hard to find out if GPL software is used in a product. In Fortinet's case, the use of GPL software was unusually difficult to verify, because the company had encrypted it, Welte said. It took 40 hours of work to ferret out the information, he said.