Peter Julian introduces first batch of petition signatures in parliament.

On Thursday April 7, 2005 (approximately 10:15), Peter Julian introduced the first batch of approximately 187 signatures for the Petition for Users Rights in parliament. We have received over a thousand signatures, and will be having many members of parliament introducing them in batches.

The following is what he said in parliament.

The second petition is signed by several hundred people, Mr. Speaker, from both Burnaby--New-Westminster and throughout Canada, and focuses on the Copyright act. Petitioners want this house to maintain the balance between the rights of the public and the rights of the creators. They demand that the government not extend the term of copyright, and preserve all existing users' rights to ensure a vibrant public domain. The petitioners also call upon parliament to ensure that users are recognized as interested parties and are meaningfully consulted about any proposed changes to the copyright act.

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